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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poisonous Leaves And Flowers Of Some Plants

Flowers, leaves and plants on one side present natural beauty on earth and on other clean the environment from pollution as well as foods to human beings. But, the flowers and leaves of some plants create problems for human beings too. There are plants found in the world whose leaves or flowers on touching can make one sick and some times an individual can lose his life too. The following are some of the plants though they seem common plants but touching of their must be avoided.
Oleander ( Nerium oleander)):-
This plant is bushy type seems very attractive but its beauty is full of poison. Oleander is among the most poisonous plants grown in the gardens. It is mostly very dangerous for children. It is usually grown in the beds in schools and open fields. Its beautiful bushy plant forces gardeners to grow it in the home gardens or in the garden of any important building for its attractiveness. If any child takes one petal of its flower in hand or touches it the symptoms of illness begin to show and are severe when it is taken in hand with carelessness and is observed closely for a bit longer. Its poison can create problems of intestine like vomiting, diarrhea ( some times with blood), creation of more saliva and severe pain in stomach. Heart beat can be imbalanced and some times gets too fast, circulation of blood can be affected. One can fell into coma or even die. It happened in India when some people swallowing its crushed seeds tried to commit suicide.

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