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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Qaddafi's Adopted Daughter Is Alive

After occupying the Tripoli the revolutionaries have found such proofs and documents from the compound of Qaddafi in Al-Azizia that that show that the adopted daughter of Qaddafi Hina Alqaddafi is alive. Qaddafi had declared her martyred in American bombardment on Tripoli 25 years back.
Documents show that Hina had been working as doctor to the west of Tripoli. Now , it indicates that she is gone to Algeria along with Qaddafi's wife, daughters and sons. According to a lady doctor Nasreen in an interview with Arab TV, Hina has a special status in the hospital and she used to dictate hospital administration as she wished. While, col Qaddafi had claimed during 1986 that his adopted smaller daughter was killed in American bombardment on Tripoli.

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