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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Musharraf's APML Office Closed In London

Shutters have come down at the London headquarters of Pervez Musharraf's one-year old All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) over the non-payment of monthly rent, utility bills and council tax for five months.
A reliable informant from the party said that the APML owes to the landlord £19,000 in rent money which has not been paid for five months now and this doesn't include the council tax and other utility bills.
The source claimed, and this has been verified by various reliable APML insiders, that Musharraf gave £50,000 to a senior position holder of the party for running the office and other affairs of the party but "a lot of it has been embezzled."
The annual rent of the party's Old Street headquarter was £38,000 and in total it amounted to £45,000 a year when local council taxes etc was included.

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