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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ties Between Life And Technology Are No More Science Fiction

Futurology is a knowledge whose experts are familiar with the subjects of history, sociology,economics,politics,and science and technology. On the basis of their knowledge they forecast that how the life would look like socially, politically, scientifically and technologically. A futurologist couple Elon Tow Fer and his wife Bedi were the persons who had peeped into the humans present life 40 years earlier.
Elon worked in the big companies like IBM, Xerox and AT & T in New York as researcher. These companies wanted to know that what the psychological, sociological and organizational impacts of computer would be on the on the human beings. Elon was able to watch closely the latest miracles of technology. In 1965 the couple started working on a book "Future Shock" that got published in 1970.
The gist of the future shock is that human being adapts changes slowly biologically. He wrote in his book that in future when the science and technology will progress with high speed and the human beings will be attacked by the information age that would not be digested by human being resulting in a shock by all the process. Forty years back a forecast like this would have looked strange but many people were shocked in the world with the speedy progress of technology. In 1980 the the couple published a new book "the third wave."

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