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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nawaz Shareef In The Cricket Ground Without Helmet Faced West Indies Fast Bowlers--Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that a event taking place during the autumn of 1987 expresses the mind set of Nawaz Shareef. He says," when I was captain we played a warm up match in Qazzafi stadium Lahore before world cup against West Indies. Secretary Cricket Board Shahid Rafi told Imran Khan a few moments before the match started thast chief minister Punjab will lead the team. I got astonished but imagined myself that his role in the match will be like that of a non-participant in the field and he will watch match while sitting in the dressing room. But I got amazed when I saw him going to ground dressed in cricket's white dress for tossing with West Indies captain Waven Richard, but more amazement was still to come when he won the toss and came back to tie pads. No body in the team could believe what he was seeing that Nawaz Shareef was going to ground with Mudassir Nazar for opening against the grandeurs of fast bowling attacks of the cricket history. Mudassir put on bating pads, thigh pads, chest pad, arm guard, helmet and gloves while Nawaz Shareef tied bating pad only and put on floppy hat and having smile on his face Shareef walked to the ground. Those who are unaware of the cricket history, Imran KHan says, it is important to know for them that it was such a bowling attack that cricket world would have never seen before nor afterward. There were 4 bowlers whose ball speed had been 90 km/hour and that was the drastic bowling attack of West Indies that had ruined the career of several potential players. The international batsmen and cricketers would not sleep the night they had to face the West Indian bowlers next day. This was Nawaz Shareef who had no experience of such a level of fatal bowling and had entered the cricket ground with out any safety measures to face west Indians bowling.
The 6 feet 6 inches tall West Indian bowler threw the first ball and before that Nawaz Shareef could raise the bat the ball was in the hands of wicket keeper. Pakistani team took the sigh of relief. And it was again better for Nawaz Shareef that Nawaz Sharif could move the bat to hit the second ball the wickets were spreading on the ground. This was the opening of cricket match by Nawaz Shareef.

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