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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Methodology Adapted By Britishers To Rule Pak-India Sub-Continent For 100 Years

When one looks at the present situation in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan, one recalls the philosophy of foreign invaders who followed the policy of "Divide and Rule" under which they being in thousands ruled Pak-India for nearly 100 years. We have been divided in linguistic, religious, caste and sectarian groups and conspirators are ruling us. Let us have a look at the phenomenon that enabled foreigners who were only 320000 in number till 1947 and ruled 400 million Indians for 100 years.
Captain John Hawkins was the first Britisher who stepped on the soil of India in 1605. That was the era of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, (unluckily for the Indians and fortunately for the English), emperor daughter was seriously sick. John Hawkins was a doctor and he treated the girl and she got cured. Emperor was so happy that he as a tradition of the emperors asked Hawkins what did he want from the Emperor. Dr requested the king to allow him to establish a trade post( shop or store), Emperor allowed who couls not judge the farsightedness of the cunning Britisher but the English man was thinking about the future that got written on the wall of fortune the day Dr Hawkins stepped on the land of India. In the beginning the English people had cloth business but slowly and gradually with tactics and diving the Indians occupied the whole country and by 1957 after the last war with Mughals and freedom fighters the sun of Mughal empire in India set forever and the sun of the Britisher"s powerful rule rose to its peak. They rules Pak- Indiian sub-continent for 90 years till Pakistan and India came into existence in 1947. During these 90 years they devised some rules and principles of administration based on their 350 years experience while residing in India. These principle were so effective that only 1000 English officers have been ruling India for nearly one century. Only 70 English people were killed by the local Indians during their rule. One is astonished that by 1947 only 320000 English people came to India that included soldiers, teachers, priests and tourists and they have been ruling millions of Indians. One of the principles of administration of the rulers was "Bad Law"
( To Be Continued)

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