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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vienna Convention For Diplomatic Relations

The wars between two countries and revolutions in any state caused the diplomats the target of torture in older ages. In the reign of Napoleon and afterward during the France Revolution many ambassadors were arrested and sentences on the allegations of conspiracies against the government. To protect the diplomats, to corrects the faults, and give respect and honor to diplomatic staff many international conferences were held, however, Vienna conference proved to be milestone in this regard. During 1815 in Congress of Vienna an International law was constituted, after that many conventions were held but the 1961 Convention was considered the most important one and was named " Vienna Convention For Diplomatic Relations". Today nearly all the countries have appointed their representatives in other countries, The diplomatic mission work permanently and for the interest of their respective countries. However, special envoys are also sent to other countries on special missions and they return to their countries after doing the assigned task. The word Plenipotentiory was added to the ambassador to show its importance, however they do not have the status of personal representative of ant head of state while ambassador has been delegated many powers and is the personal representative of the head of state. The former has no power to meet any head of state but full ambassador can visit head of state in which he/she is appointed. Both the types ambassadors have appointment letter that they have to present to the head of state they are going to work in. The lower status is of Charge d' Affairs and is appointed by foreign ministry of the country and reports to the that ministry where has to work. The post of High Commisioner is prevailing in the countries include in Common Wealth. But they have the status of ambassadors. Embassies work in the capital cities while consulates are opened in other cities of the countries. Councilor General's status is lower than that of an ambassador.

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