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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are They Palestinian Leaders Or Israel's Agents?

A burning issue of the world other than the issue of the Occupied Kashmir is the dispute of Palestine. The heat of this issue is affecting the whole world. Spreading on more than half a century a new shape of the issue came to light when "Aljazeera" a famous news channel of Qatar issued nearly 1600 such a secret documents after which the the confirmed status of the dispute between Palestine and Israel became most disputed one. Aljazeera disclosed these papers entitled" The Palestine Papers". A Pakistani -Britain citizen and an intellectual and writer Tariq Ali said that these stunning documents show that since long the Palestinian, Israeli and American leadership had been prolonging the issue of Palestine under a pre-planned program and the most shameful role in this context was of the present Palestinian Authority. These leaders had been posing themselves as the most loyal to the soil, fighting for sovereignty of the state before their people but when meet Israeli and American leaders during dialogue showed friendly and obedient attitude for them. Due to their obedience they fell pray to the America's cunning role and accept what they decide. Though many Palestinians were suspicious about the role of the leaders of Palestinian Authority but were not sure about this. But, after the disclosure of the documents their true and shameful role had come before the Palestinians.

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