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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rights And Previleges For Diplomats Under International Law

If a state feels any activity of the official of diplomatic mission then he is served a notice to return to his country and is declared as Persona Non Grata. Consulate is not out of the jurisdiction of the courts of host country in any criminal case while officials of the embassy are. Diplomats and consulate are exempted to pay revenues on any official or private baggage. Consulate is not at par with embassy in many respects. Diplomats can enjoy many privileges under the international law to provide them conducive environment by the host country to work efficiently. The respect of a representative of a country is the respect of his mother land and insult is considerd the insult of his country. Under the Vienna Convention 1961 the diplomatic missions have the following rights and privileges.
Personal Security:- To ensure the security of diplomats, their family, office and private items is the duty of host country. Armed guards are provided for the security of the embassies or consulates. The host country is held responsible for any trouble to the diplomats. Diplomats are expected not to act in a way that can exploit the sentiments of the people. They are expected to obey the local laws of the host country.
Exemption on the personal items:- The personal items of the diplomats are not not checked and he is allowed to bring anything they want from outside the host country except if there is confirmed reports of any illegal items. As the case was of arms in Iraqi Embassy during Zia regime in 1974.
Honor and respect of Embassies:- No local administration or police or any other agency can enter the residences of diplomats, except in some unavoidable circumstances but still the permission of the ambassador is necessary.

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