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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sudan--- The Division Of The Largest Country Of The Arab World

The referendum in the southern part of Sudan, the largest country of the African Continent, has been held, though it will take a few weeks to know the official results but according to unofficial sources people have opted for a free territory. The referendum began on 9th of January that continued for a week. For the positive results the turn out had to be 60%. The referendum is the part of a peace agreement of 2005. This agreement lead to end the 22 year long war between different groups that left 2 mn dead and homeless in the equal number. The results of the referendum has forced the historians to review the history of Sudan. In the southern part 2500 polling stations were established, while the number of voters ws 4 mn. While 1.1 mn voters were in northern Sudan and 60000 voters were in the foreign countries. Only one question was asked in the referendum from the voters whether they liked to be with northern Sudan or wanted freedom. The pre-pool environment indicated that voters will opt for freedom. Some world powers including USA were active here and were convincing the people that getting free of northern Sudan will make their part prosperous. Because world power had concentrated all of their attention on the natural sources of the area. Ironically, the world powers lack the natural sources like oil and mineral, while all this wealth lies in the Muslim countries. Therefore they try to have their impacts on Muslim world to exploit the local natural sources.

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