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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tunisian Revolution---A Lesson For Pakistan

Most of the National and International experts have claimed that Pakistani rulers must be aware of the reasons that caused a great change in Tunisia more than the Arab rulers. Other change is also going to take place in Egypt though the base is a bit different. Because all the condition is synonymous to that of Tunisia. There people stood against the rulers due to poverty, price-hike, unemployment and corruption that situation is exactly found in Pakistan. Rather corruption and poverty are the main factors that may cause the up-rise in Pakistanis. People are committing suicides being fed up of poverty and on other side rulers are living lucrative lives. In Tunisia too the water and food was imported from Europe for the family of Zain Ul Abaideen, the then president of Tunisia. But experts also point out to the fact that in Pakistan people are divided into sects on the bases of language, caste and social grounds, therefore they are not uniting as was done in Tunisia for fighting against rulers to get their rights. Secondly, in Pakistan people are ignorant of their rights due lower rate literacy. Though media is giving them understanding of their rights but still it will take longer to unite for the rights like in Tunisia. An other problem in Pakistan is that the roots of corruption have spread down to the lower class, it means that majority of the society is corrupt and here a voter in election can be purchased for $ 5 by the contestants. Same is the case in any government office no clerk will touch the file of any client if he is not given bribery. So how the poor class can stand for its rights. Unless the people do not realize their power the rulers will continue their game. However, the Tunisian revolution is a great lesson for the rulers to think for the benefit of the masses.

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