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Friday, February 18, 2011

Reaction Of Palestinian Authority On Palestine Papers

After the documents about Palestine were released from Aljazeera news channel, there was a protest by the office of Palestinian Authority in Rama Allah. The member of executive committee of PLO Abdraba criticized the Aljazeera and also the Amir of Qatar Sheikh Muhammad Bin Khalifa Us Sani. He called these papers as another form of Wilileaks documents, however, he did not challenge the credibility of the papers. But confessed some mistakes in the meetings between Israeli re conciliators and Palestinian Authority. He claimed that some people from lower leadership are involved are involved in the disclosure of the documents. The workers of Palestinian Authority in Rama Allah attacked the office of Aljazeera, broke the window pans and set the flag of the channel on fire. The protesters were angry on the disclosure of the documents. Similarly, critical programs are being presented against the Aljazeera channel by the news agency "Maa" run under the sponsorship of the Palestinian Authority in Ramaallah. Interestingly they do not refute the correctness of the papers but only criticize on their disclosure. A call for protests and procession against the Aljazeera by the Palestinian Authority in West Bank had no positive response. An expert on Jewish Affairs David Horo Feder of Israeli Newspaper "Jerusalem Post" suggested Mahmood Abbas to apologize on the papers released by Aljazeera acknowledging its facts, or he should present proofs if he insists that documents are wrong.

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