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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Future Of Tunisia

When the former president of Tunisia fled the country, then Prime Minister Muhammad Khanoshi took office as president. But this step was unconstitutional, so speaker of the parliament took oath as care-taker president. Muhammad remained the Prime Minister and on 17th of January constituted a cabinet and included the leaders of the opposition for the first time. However, people did not accept this cabinet as most of the ministers in the cabinet belonged to the former ruler's party the the Constitutional Democratic Rally. Feeling the passions of the people both care taker Prime Minister and the President resigned from the offices to save the care taker government and law and order situation may be controlled. However protests remained continued, they demanded the ousting of all the ministers from the cabinet except the prime minister. Care -taker government has to conduct election for the parliament and the office of the president within next 6 months. But this will be possible only when the present care taker government fulfills the expectation of the people. People say the minsters and advisers who constituted faulty and defective economic policies due to which unemployment and poverty increased they do not have the right to rule. Whereas Prime Minister says that at the time being he need the previous ministers of RCD because they are experienced.

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