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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Arab Blogger-- Laila Anwar

She says about Americans that I do not narrate other stories of your cruelities about torures and looting. When I see you urinating on sacred places, writing dirty and nude sentences on the walls of monuments of 7000 old civilization, that expresses that you do not have respect for the history, culture and faith of other, my brain boils with hatred against you. When I hear stories like this that you had taken off and thrown away the clothes of my 45 year old friend who was near to your mother's age, did you want to see whether she has hidden something beneath her underwear. She is more and highly educated and capable than your whole army collectively. Do you remember , you played this game along with your 30 colleagues in a special camp. After that you gave her a coke bottle to be relaxed. She did not tell me the whole story but said only that " let the sleeping dogs be sleep". She left Iraq after this tragedy and did take anything with her even not a another underwear. All these hateful deeds will be burden on your conscious It is still time to refuse before that you lose the time.

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