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Monday, February 14, 2011

Palestinian Authority Agrees To Jews Settlements In Eastern Alquds

Aljazeera News Channels disclosed many facts about the Palestinian Authority and Israel's secret agreements that are against the wishes of Palestinians who are sacrificing for the free and independent state. Famous Palestinian writer, author and a social intellectual Edward Saeed wrote that after the Oslo Agreement in 1993, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) had bowed to USA and Israel due to its weaknesses and incapabilities. After which Palestinian Authority was established in 1994, and they agreed to leave everything except their offices. The analysis of Edward Saeed were not accepted at that time, but the issuance of documents by Aljazeera have proved his opinion as a fact. Tariq Ali in his analysis bout the Palestine Papers writes that as we know that After the constitution of Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmood Abbas, the Palestine's dispute has been changed to the conditional obedience of Israel. Ispite of all this Israeli leadership is busy in giving impact of Palestinians as tough nation, through its friends in media. Therefore, an agreement may be prepared that may provide the security and safety of Israel after uprooting the Palestinians and Palestine. Israel must have all the authority to curb the Palestine. The first target of Israel in this regard is to erase the existence of "Hammas" from the earth.

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