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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Federal Cabinet May Be Diddolved During Next 48 Hours

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani is expected to dissolve the Federal Cabinet in the next 48 hours.
According to sources, the government is weighing two options whether to dissolve the entire Federal Cabinet or reduce its size to half. If the PM decided to completely dissolve the cabinet, he would, in the next 24 hours, re-announce names of 10 to 12 ministers.
The existing Federal Cabinet consists of 62 members whereas, under the 18 amendment, the size of the Cabinet will be more than 11 percent of the total number of members of the Parliament.
Pakistan People’s Party Central Executive Committee’s meeting scheduled to be held here at the Presidency on Friday is also expected to discuss the matter of Cabinet dissolution/ reduction, sources said.
According to political analysts, the government’s objective of reducing the size of the incumbent Cabinet is to project its improved image before the people.
Though this decision came after 3 years of the present government, but still it is a good news for the people of the country. A huge cabinet like in Pakistan is no where found in the world democracies. In Pakistan, a common man earns $ 2 a day, whereas the Nation spends $1176 on a Minister daily. But it would do unless other expenditures on MNA's and MPA's are not reduced. Foreign tours of president and Prime Minister accompanying a large number of delegates may also be cut down. However, if this step is taken sincerely and acted upon in letter and spirit and other perks and privileges are also taken back from the ministers may work a bit.

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