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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some World Regions That Can Be Independent States In Near Future

The people in the southern part of the largest Islamic State of Africa (Sudan) got independence in the referendum held on 9th January this year. Similarly, there are few other regions that may be free countries after some time. These include:-
Scotland:- Scotland joined England in 1707 when both the countries abolished their parliaments and got united as Great Britain. Though Scotland is under London rule yet it considers itself an independent state and demands freedom off and on. Scottish National Party (SNP) that was constituted in 1934 favours complete independence and it got its first seat in British Parliamentary Election during 1945. In 1999 Scotland elected first parliament of its own after 3 centuries.All the internal policies in Scotland are controlled by Scottish parliament while other policies are still in the hands of West Minister.Scottish National Party won the election during 2007 and it demands referendum for the free state but it can be done till the permission from British Parliament.
Bask:- It is a common practice that when a country is ruled under dictatorship or a ruler rules a country depending upon administrative machinery , polarization in the state is increased. It results in the unity of various regions of the state for the their safety. Modern Spain is an example of a harsh dictator ship where General Franco ruled for 30 years with iron hands.He crushed the smaller races and different linguistic groups like Bask and Kitalans with state forces.He banned Bask's language for official use. Baskans got annoyed and started freedom movement ETA but it turned into a terrorist movement that they detonated bombs and were involved in other terrorist's activities in East Eastern Spain and South Western France. They killed hundred of people after all their own people got tired of their activities. So this group announced ceasefire in 2010 and started peaceful and a democratic movement for the independence.

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