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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Details Of Palestine Papers Relesed By Doha TV Channel

The founder of the Website Ali Abunimah built in context of the Palestine Papers says that the documents released about the secret talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israeli leaders consist of 1684 in number.It includes 275 such drafts that contain secret points of the meetings., 690 are computer e-mails,153 are study surveys or reports. There are 134 documents containing mutual matters of the meetings between the the two leaders, documents also include 64 draft notes of secret agreements, 54 maps, charts and graphs are the part of these documents.In addition to all this 51 are such writings that can be in secret points not understandable easily. Most of the documents are in English language and formatted in PDF. The documents released by Aljazeera have been published in the Daily "Gargian" published from London. All these documents can be down loaded from

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