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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

US Official Says Davis Serves In CIA

For the very first time, a top US official has Monday dazed the world, confirming that the US double murder suspect, Raymond Davis, serves for CIA, an American secret agency. “Raymond Davis was a CIA agent in Pakistan. The culprit was living along another five CIA agents in a house in Lahore till the day of his arrest.”, reported US newspaper.
Citing a top US official in President Obama cabinet, a US newspaper has reported that Raymond Davis was serving in Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) being an ‘agent’ deployed in Lahore, Pakistan.
Davis shared accommodation with another five contractors of an American intelligence agency CIA and was spying for US in Lahore, the official claimed.
According to report, the US official, ascertaining the actual status of Raymond Davis in Pakistan, feared too, that revelation of such sensitive information could be tantamount to creating a grave rift between Pakistan and US relations and said the affects would be lasting and formidable.
Also, the unknown US official admitted that setting Raymond free, given the prevailing ablaze situation in Pakistan, would be second to impossible, as any of such attempts must swell the anger in Pakistan.
Meanwhile, US State Department has, yet another time, urged on Pakistan for immediate release of Davis. “US is worried for Raymond being detained and tried in Pakistan. Our government has maintained contacts with Pakistan in this connection,” State Department spokesman Philip. J. Crowley told reporters.
Pakistan government is only responsible for safety of Raymond Davis, he added.
Now it is the time for Pakistan, can create courage to ask USA who claims itself a friend of Pakistan Why CIA agents are sent to Pakistan? What was the actual mission of Raymond Davis and what are other agents doing? Rather a charge sheet be sent to the USA. But who will bell the car?

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