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Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Best Decision Of ISI In The National Interest

Inter Services Intelligence has flately refused to give immunity to CIA agent Raymond Davis, arrested in Pakistan and under trial in the court. This fact has come to light that he was a hired agent of CIA who was on a special spying mission to Pakistan. He was residing in Lahore along with his four other partners. He had linked with Taliban or Alqaeda in Tribal Areas of Pakistan and he was working on the agenda to provide nuclear material to Alqaeda. There was a deep conspiracy against of planning on same lines that resulted in 9/11. There would have been a attack with nuclear weapons on smaller scale in USA, giving a chance to attack Pakistan directly as Security Council and World Institutions are in US hands. The base that was prepare against Afghanistan attack. The Army Chief in his meeting with CIA officials in An Persian Gulf State made clear to them to hand over the list of the hundreds of agents working in Pakistan, otherwise Pakistan itself will search for them and will take strict actions to curb this menace. The checking of the documents and visa status of American citizens in Pakistan have been started and an American has been arrested in Peshawar with insufficient documents. The ISI has taken the step the people of Pakistan want. People of Pakistan want to get rid of American grip that rulers can not do due to their share personal interests with the USA. Long LIVE The Pakistan Army And ISI.

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