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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Napkin Map Of Israeli Prime Minister

The Palestine Papers also disclosed the "Napkin Map" prepared during 2008 by Ehoud the Israeli Prime Minister in a dinner that showed the Jewish settlements to be built on the agricultural lands of Gaza Strip and Western Bank. This was actually a transaction or exchange about the lands that he presented to Mahmood Abbas but refused to hand over to him (President of Palestinian Authority). Then Mahmood Abbas copied that map on dinner napkin and saved. According to the papers the re conciliator of Palestinian Authority Saeb Areefat taking diversion from te basic principles of PLO, suggested to the Israeli leadership that they should sign an agreement to repatriate 10000 Palestinian refugees each year for ten years duration and said that they have no other demand. Under this unique formula out of 7 million homeless refugees only 0.1 million had to be returned during 10 years. In an other document released by Aljazeera, the Alfateh organization during May, 2009 offered the US administration to spying in Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Similarly, Saeb Areefat suggested the American envoy to Middle East George Michell on October 21, 2009 to do something in middle east as Iran and Lebanon were facing problems of their own while, Pakistan, Somalia and Sudan are heading toward state failure. Other document leaks a secret about the offer of Saeb Areefat to search for a investor to establish a radio station namely "Mosvi" in Iran. He informed US security adviser General James Johns that he had a Palestinian businessman who agreed to invest $ 50 million for establishing "Mosvi Radio Station" in Iran.

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