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Monday, February 21, 2011

Appeal To My Muslim Brothers In Arabian Countries

Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah e Wa Brakatuho, My Brothern In Islam In Arabian Countries, Persian Gulf States, Bahrain, Libya, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar Saudi Arabia. You have seen the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. Hundreds of people have been killed and other thousands have been injured. Though Egyptian brothers got rid of dictator Hosni Mubarak and Tunisian brother from the grip of other dictaor, both were living lavishly but poor masses were suffering since decades. Your sacrifices have brought you fruits of fleeing the dictators from the countries and both will will find no place on earth for graves. You have been paid attributes your efforts have paid you. But , My Muslim Brothers in Egypt and In Tunisia, what did you get uptill now? only promises by the army? Will you get all that you have been struggling hard for? Will you have to pass through another ocean of blood? for the cause you have been fighting? Now what has been done it is excellent May My Allah bestow you the sweet fruits of your Sabr (Patience).
Now I appeal to my Muslim Brothers in Bahrain and Libya. Please do not be mislead by the fraudulent Western countries, specially the USA. They dream you of democracy which is nothing except a golden dream. The democracy they are following is not that of Islam. If you want the democracy then ask your leaders/kings to implement that one in the Era of Hazrat Umer Bi Khitab Razi Allah ho Taala Anho or that of Hazrat Umr Binn Abdul Aziz( RA) . Never copy the democracy of Eblees. In my opinion do not take out processions, damage your beautiful countries. Do not be mislead by yoiuyr opposition leaders some of them may be agents of USA. Only ask your present Heads of States or kings to give you all the facilities of life out of their lucrative lives. Otherwise if you disturbed the present set up pf yor government you will lose every thing in the smokes of fraud democracy. May My Allah bless all the Muslims in the World. Your countries are sacred you are Arabs you speak the paradise language the sweet language of My Prophet (PBUH). You are dear to us. May My Allah Save You From All The Troubles.

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