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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Anonymous" Helped Tunisians

When the tug of war was continued between Tunisian fighters and the government in the world of internet. The anonymous organization of whistle-blowers reached to help Tunisian public. They started "Tunisia Operation" against the dictatorial regime. On the occasion the organization issued the statement," The moment of success is near and the time has come when people will express their opinions freely. Their voice will be heard all over the world. Tunisian government wants to capture the present under the cover of lies and deception, and wants to take in hand the future through hiding the facts. But we would let them do. The anonymous have come to know that Tunisians need help and we are here to help." They also said," We warn the government that attacks on freedom of opinion and ban on access to information are intolerable. Any organizational website that is involved in censorship will be attacked and these attacks will be continued till the restoration of human rights and freedom of expression". Then the hackers of The Anonymous started attacking the governmental websites as DDOS( Distributed denial-of-service attack). This is the way through which hackers send so many demands to peculiar websites that they can not bear the load and get crashed.

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