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Friday, February 11, 2011

Arab Blogger Warns American Troops To "Refuse Fighting"

Laila Anwar is not only popular in Arab World but in the whole world due her bold comments. She is a blogger whose words are like fire when revealing the American crimes in Iraq. She replies to her opponents such a way that they get sweating. Where does she live? To this question she says, " I live in Iraq, in Jordan, in Syria, and in Palestine. What is her identity? She says my identity is my hatred to cruel Americans. One may not agree to all of her blog postings but as far as the cruelties of Americans are concerned she reflects the feelings of all the kind hearted people. She has command over English along with French and Arabic language. Her blog that is in the form of a long article, she writes in English. Here is given a gist of her one of the blogs that she wrote during 2006, in which she curses the Americans and forecasts that their conscious will surround them in the shape of a ghost. She writes" When I see your dead bodies on Albasra dot net and when I read your foolish and childish poems i feel mercy for you. I feel mercy but i am angry too on you. My fixed feelings may be not be understood by you. On one side I wish to kill you with sword and on other side I say to myself they did not choose this way for themselves but were put on the way by others. I feel mercy for your parents, because majority of you is of younger generation, when i watch your dead bodies on TV or internet. But when I see that you kill Iraqis by kicking, when you abuse young girls sexually and set their bodies on fire, when you make Iraqi children run miles and miles after your vehicles for a bottle of water, and when you force these Iraqi innocent kids to abuse Iraq ( a dirty abuse that can not be translated), My heart and mind fill with extreme feelings of hatred against you."

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