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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Electronic "Intefaza" In Palestine

The secret documents Palestine Papers published on Aljazeera website have given the name of "Electronic Intefaza" as the war fought by pebbles and stones is armed now with electronic media. It is reminded that these documents reveal the secret talks held and conspiracies planned, behind the closed doors, against the Palestinians between the American, Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Consisting of 1700 files these documents are spread on thousand of diplomatic papers /pages. In these papers are given the memos, e-mails, maps, points of private meetings about so-called peace talks held between Palestinian Authority and Israel, as well as the account details. In addition, presentations prepared in Power Point are also the important part of these disclosures. The persons responsible for all the published documents on Aljazeera did not disclose the sources secret papers. However these documents were passed through strict evidences, proofs and certification for a long time before releasing them on site. The purpose of the document's publishing was to inform the people, journalists, intellectuals, historians and the policy-makers about the bitter facts behind the curtains. After viewing the documents the fact come to light that the secret and private talks between two-sides are not in favor of solution of the problem and are against the wishes of the Palestinians. But these dialogues and talks between Israel and Palestinian Authority are giving the right of brutal activities and occupation of more Palestinian territory to Israel, under the guardianship of the USA.

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