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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sentences To Diplomats In Various Host Countries

Though the foreign diplomats have been exempted from arrests, appearing in the civil courts as witness, paying revenues on personal or official items,police and traffic rules, are free to move in the host country for discharging their duties, exemptions are also extended to their employees and to their families,still there are examples where diplomats have been sentenced for violating the local laws. During February 1995, the mayor of Newyork remitted $8 million due to diplomats as car parking fees. In France 2000 incidents of over speeding by the diplomats were recorded. As they are exempted from the traffic rules so local country can do nothing. During January 2001, in Canadian city Ottawa, Russian Ambassador Andrery Kenyazov crushed two Canadians with his car, one died and other was severely injured. Canadian government asked Russia ti withdraw immunity of Ambassador but Russia rejected. However, he was sentenced by court in his country to 4 years imprisonment. During December 2004, American Ambassador Christopher Van Gotham hit a taxi in the Romanian capital Bucharest, a musician was killed in this accident while it was proved that Christopher was drunken at the time of driving and violated the traffic signal. He fled to Germany. USA rejected the request of Romania to withdraw his immunity. He was court marshaled in the USA. In Tanzania during 2009, Canadian Deputy Envoy slapped traffic Sargent when he was entangled in traffic jam, he was declared Persona non Grata was asked to leave the country. Usa has dual face , it never withdraws immunity from its diplomat but punishes any diplomat in USA that violates American laws ( as is the case of Raymond Davis in Pakistan). Gorgeon vice-ambassador Gregory was sentenced to 21 year imprisonment when he killed an American citizen in Washington D C in 1997. The then USA president Bill Clinton refused to recognize his immunity. On other hand Gorgeon government also sentenced American ambassador Loreen Valey to 10 years sentence for killing Gorgean interpreter in traffic accident during 1999.

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