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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Police Presented Raymond's Probe Report Before Court

Police investigation officer into the double murder case of American killer Raymond Davis has presented his initial probe report before the court saying the US man was not cooperating.
The US citizen, whom police have identified as Raymond Davis, was arrested a week ago, said that he shot dead two motorcyclists in self-defence, fearing that they were about to rob him.
Investigation officer Munir presented the report before Cantt Courts Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Sial on Friday. The report contended that only Raymond Davis knew about the people who came for his rescue and on the way to Davis ran over a motorcyclist, but he is not sharing anything.
While on the other hand another petition has been filed in a sessions court against the bail in illegal weapon case.
Petitioner Asif Ali pleaded that the police produced US gunman before court time thus providing the accused way out by avoiding petitioners.
The court had granted bail to Davis in case of carrying illegal weapons on the submission of surety bonds of Rs100,000.

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