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Thursday, February 10, 2011

USA Is Paying Price Of Its Brutalities In Muslim Countries

American brutalities and its cruel acts in the Muslim world is bring hatred and most unpleasant feelings for the administration, but USA is not going to stop it just to maintain its supremacy. USA had to face insulting defeat in Vietnam, reared Alqaeda and Taliban against USSR, in Iraq and Afghanistan killed tens of thousand innocent people, and is playing with the lives of women , children and elderly people in Pakistan. All its cruel deeds are not only creating dislikeness among the Muslims, but its own common man is feeling bad for this. This depressive passions are causing tension negative psychological impacts in the minds of soldiers in the battle fields. The rate of suicide are on the rise in the war zones.
According to a report at the end of 2010, in Iraq and Afghanistan 1326 army men had committed suicide. The age of these soldiers were between 10-29 years. Many are ready to do so, several have attempted to end their lives. The daily "Navy Times" says in a report about a survey that was conducted in different branches of army, and during the survey 28538 officials related of forces were contacted. Among them 2 % of army, 2.3 % related to marines and 3 % of the navy young men confessed that they had attempted suicide at least once. According to "defense Survey" drinking alcohol,use of drugs and pain killers are increasing among the army deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are suffering from mental degradation. ,

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