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Saturday, May 31, 2014

TV Host Dua Malik Is Going To Marry Singer Sohail Haidar

Express Entertainment morning show TV host Dua Malik has left show business for a while and is going to marry music composer and singer Sohail Haidar next month. Dua Malik is the sister of Umema Malik who rose to success after Shoib Mansoor's movie 'bol'. Umema Malik is busy with her Bollywood projects these days but will return from India for her younger sister's wedding. Dua will celebrate 'Hina' festivities on June 14th, wedding ceremony of June 17th and reception on June 18th.
While talking to media Dua said she has taken a break from entertainment industry for two months due to her marriage but she will resume her work afterwards as her in-laws and husband have no issue with her job in Pakistani TV industry.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Incredible Women Who Are Larger Than A Size 12

Every day we are inundated with images of slender models in the media. Yet with average dress size of women growing larger every year, we thought it might be nice to showcase some incredibly gorgeous women with more "real life" figures. Each of these ladies is curvy, voluptuous and wears a size 12 or larger and each one is guaranteed to get your heart racing as much as or more as their slim model counterparts. *-- Tara Lynn-- Tara Lynn is a plus-sized model who is best known for gracing the cover of French Elle magazine. The article (and Lynn's gorgeous photos like the one below) was about the
changing trends of fashion to accommodate more real sized women, and it caused a real stir in the fashion world. Lynn is a UK size 18 which is about a 14/16 on US sizing chart. *-- Justine Legault:- A native of Qubec, Canada, Justine has been making waves in the plus-sized modeling
world in recent years. She is 5'9" and a size 14. *-- Barbara Brickner:- Barbara Brickner has maintained a plus-size modeling career for over 10 years. She has
modeled for many plus-size designers; most notably for Italian Elena Miro appearing solo in their 2000 calender. In 2000, Brickner launched a line of plus-size maternity clothing named BB Maternity sold through Us departmental stores.

Federal Anti-Corruption Court Has Ordered Arrest Of Gilani And Amin Fahim In Corruption Case

Federal anti-corruption court has issued the arrest warrants of nine accused including former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and senior vice chairman and MNA of PPP Amin Fahim in trade development authority's corruption case. FIA has constituted two team that will take action in this regard in Multan and interior of Sindh. Though the corruption and embezzlement cases involve corruption of billions of rupees, but it is all drama and nothing will come out. All the politicians whether they belong to PML -N or PPP are the chips of the same bundle. Did the incumbent government take any practical measures to take the million dollars of looted money back from foreign banks. They know when next government will come hey will play dramas like this to deceive the people and divert their attention from the current issues of price hike and load shedding. They will issue statements for some days that they searching for the alleged persons and they will keep silent and will raise another issue. Oh! the poor people of Pakistan who have same fate for the last six decades.

Two Sisters In India Gang Raped, Killed And Hanged From Tree

Authorities in northern India have arrested three men, including two police officers, suspected of gang-raping and killing two teenage sisters before hanging their bodies from mango tree. the deaths have sparked public renewed outrage over sexual violence in he country. The villagers found girls' bodies on Wednesday hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village Uttar Pradesh state. The girls who were, 14 and 15, had gone out in the fields as there was no toilet in their home. Hundreds of the villagers spent rest of the day in silent protest over alleged police inaction in the case. Indian TV channels showed the villagers sitting under the girls' bodies as they swung in the wind, preventing authorities from taking then down until the suspects were arrested. Autopsies confirmed the girls were gang raped and strangled before being hanged. The family belongs to Dalit community also called 'untouchables' and considered the lowest rung in India's caste system. Records show a rape is committed every 22 minutes in India, a country of 1.2 billion people. India tightened its anti-rape laws last year, punishable with the death penalty. Last month the head of the Uttar Pradesh governing party told an election rally that the party was opposed to the law calling for the rapists to be execcuted, "Boys will be boys" Malayam Singh Yadev said "they make mistakes". Woh! Singh what the golden words you have uttered, if this type of incident happens with any female of your family will you maintain your these words? The respect of the all the human being beings are equal no matter he be Dalit or a Brahman.

Cadbury Products Contain Pig's DNA

It has been disclosed that the products of famous Cadbury Chocolate company contains pig's DNA. After the disclosure of pig DNA in the Cadbury's products the Muslim Groups in Malaysia have announced 'holy war' against the company. Twenty Muslim Groups in Malaysia announcing the war against Cadbury have said the company has crossed its limits and strict action is needed against Cadbury. Addressing the press conference the office bearers of the Muslim Groups have said that the cause of social evils in the country is due to eating 'Haram foods'. One office bearer said this was a conspiracy to weaken the faith (Emaan) of Muslims. On other side company has drawn back its products from the market saying that two products of the company have been proved having pig's DNA so the products are with drawn from market. Will Pakistanis continue using the chocolates of Cadbury? or stop using it as a protest? I think high class society of Pakistan has no Emaan nor they care for it.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Picture Of Kate's Bare Bottom Has Been Published In Tabloid Bild

A German newspaper has stirred a royal controversy by publishing on line a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge's bare bottom.
This paparzzi move is likely to spark another privacy row between Clarence House and European media. The image was taken by photographer Diane Von during the recent royal visit of Australia, who captured the revealing shot after wind from helicopter blew Kate's skirt. published the shot in an online editorial, along side similar pictures of of royal couple of Royal tour of Canada in 2011. The feature states," photos show our favourite Duchess Kate, 32, in the Australian blue Mountains. The rotor blades of the royal helicopter swirl the air so that Kate's summer dress blew up-- giving a clear view of her beautiful bum!." The picture is revealing and it is not clear whether royal had underwear. British magazines and newspaper refused to publish them so they were sold overseas in a frantic bidding war, selling for an unknown price.

William Too Stupid To Be King--- Britain's Prince Charles

Prince William is too stupid to be king--- according to his father prince Charles. A bombshell report published in America;s Globe, Charles fired off the first shots in a furious battle for England's Throne by blasting his rival William as, "naive" and too stupid to be king. "Charles is being spurred by evil, scheming wife, Camilla to trash William and convince Queen Elizabeth her grandson is not ready to succeed her," Globe reports. Recent reports claimed Charles branded William 'naive' for suggesting Bukhingham Palace to destroy its priceless ivory collections. Charles gave William a dressing down after he told a zoologist "he would like to see all the ivory owned by Bukhingham Palace destroyed". "William was left in no doubt he should have chosen his words more carefully" a source said. "Charles thought the remarks were somewhat naive and stupid when you consider vast collection of ivory held at the palace. He seems to believe there is vast difference between between rightly calling for action against illegal traders and to call for Bukhingham Palace rid itself of an enormously important and historical collection of artifacts. "It was a typical father and son encounter really, with Charles using his greater experience to educate his son."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is Haftar In Libya Another Sisi?

Libya's rogue general Khalifa Haftar for the second time in less than four months mounted a coup against Tripoli. Haftar's opportunism has accompanied the man for the last 45 years, and at 71, he is determined to harness the security chaos in Libya to his advantage. On May 16, Haftar staged several bloody attacks against other Libyan Militias in the name of eradicating terrorism by leading a paramilitary force evasively named Libyan National Army. His well-equipped brigades were rapidly joined by officers from national army bases in the eastern parts of the country. Units from the air force also joined in, along with tribal gunmen and other militias, particularly the strong and the notorious Zintan. The well-coordinated attacks, named operation Karama, or Dignity resulted in heavy casualties. Then with unprecedented audacity, he struck the parliament sending Libyan lawmakers from the General National Council (GNC) fleeing for their lives. Among his demands are: the dismissal of the parliament and for the judiciary to take control of the country's affairs until the next elections scheduled for June 25. The man is supposedly a proponent for the democratically elected civilian government, a contradiction that is becoming quit common in post "Arab Spring" Middle East. During the attack on the parliament and seizure of the government buildings, Haftar's forces were backed by warplanes and helicopters. The show of forces was massive, even for post rebellion and NATO -led war Libya where guns are available in abundance. Needless to say, Haftar is not a rogue general alone. He is supported by former Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, and has strong and rich Arab backers. His long history of relations with CIA is neither 'misleading' nor 'old' news, as suggested by a recent article in British Guardian.

The First Drastic Step Of Modi's Government Against Kashmir And Pakistan's Kashmir Stance

The first step the Narendra Modi's government took in response to Nawaz Sharif's visit to India and repeated requests for peace in the region, in the form of preparations to make Kashmir the part of India and to end the special status of Kashmir being a controversial issue under article 370. According to Indian TV, after assuming the charge of his office as minister for state Jatendra Singh has said in his first address that the work has started on article 370 to end the special status of 'occupied Kashmir'. He said government is ready to have discussion on the article and NDA government is contacting stakeholders. Laying the foundation of controversy on the very first day Jatendra Singh said this step reflects the stance of BJP party that it had announced during the election compaign. He said article 370 is a " hinderance' in the way of progress. Every step against Pakistan and Kashmir was expected by extremists Hindus and every Pakistani new this but government is duff and blind. If not, then it does not care for the wishes of the people.

Justin Bieber Flirting With Model Yovanna Ventura

Justin Bieber has been flirting model Yovanna Ventura on instagram. The 20-year-old star is rumoured to be dating the 18-year- old beauty and despite of her referring to him as her "amigo" which means friend in Spanish, he appears to have been flirting her on the picture sharing site.
Yovanna posted an image of herself trying on a figure hugging black dress for high school prom and Justin later copied the image on to his own account adding the cation,' I see you in that Dolce Dress, Glad U had fun."

Woman Stones To Death By Her Own Family

A woman was stoned to death by her own family in front of Lahore High Court yesterday for marrying a man she loved, police said. Nearly 20 members of woman's family, including her father and brothers, attacked her and her husband with batons and bricks in broad day light before a crowd of onlookers in front of Lahore high court. Police official told Farzana Parveen, 25, had married Iqbal Butt with whom she had been engaged for years in spite of opposition of her family. Her father had filed an abduction case against her husband. Arranged marriages are norm among majority of Pakistani Muslims, who view love marriages as a transgression.

The Weaker Counterpart Of Indian PM Could Not Disclose The Indian Involvement In Balochistan

While the Indian prime minister mr modi presented a long list of allegations against Pakistan, the Pakistani counterpart could neither open the details of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Balochistan nor he could him the Indian violation all the time on LOC. Indian foreign secretary Sujata Singh repeatedly said that good relations between the two countries could only be maintained if Pakistan helped in solving the 26/11 Mumbai attack case. In other words Pakistan should accept the responsibility of the attack. She also blamed Pakistan on behalf of Indian PM that Pakistan was involved in terrorism against India that should be ended forthwith. She also said that India has the same stance about occupied Kashmir ( meaning it is the unbreakable part of India). The weakest PM ever of Pakistan could not dare to tell the Indian PM about its nefarious designs regarding creating instability in Pakistan. What Nawaz Sharif get in this visit? Only demand from his counterpart about trade and business? Who will benefit from this trade? It is clear that Nawaz Sharif will facilitate India for trade without gaining any national benefit.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kris Jenner Flashed Extra Cleavage At Kim's Wedding

All eyes may not have been on the bride at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding on Saturday, May 24, in Florence, Italy. The mother of the bride momager Kris Jenner, certainly turned heads and showed some skin in her wedding day attire. The 58-year-old flashed extra cleavage in a form-fitted, long sleeve gown, with a deep V neck. Vogue Italia editor franca Sozzani instagrammed a picture with the reality star at the highly-anticipated nuptials.

Tussle Between Geo Television And Its Rival Group ARY News Has Taken a New Turn

The on-going tussle between Pakistan's Geo Television and its rival group ARY News has taken a new turn as a similar sort of blasphemy can be seen in a morning show of ARY Digital. It is noteworthy that ARY talk show hosted by Mubashir Luqman on Wednesday showed a clip of Geo TV's morning show "Utho, Jago, Pakistan" ( Wake up and Stand Up Pakistan) in which a famous Qawwali was presented in a staged wedding of filmstar Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khattak. Now the internet buff has found the same kind of attempt in ARY Digital show. The ARY Digital show had Nadeem Abbass Rufi and famous Qawwal Farid Sabri presenting the same Qawwali in a wedding sequence.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Narendra Modi--The 15th Prime Minister Of India

The Gujrat fame (and the tea seller of Gujrat)Narendra Modi has been sworn-in as India's new prime minister in a ceremony in the forecourt of presidential palace in New Delhi. Mr Modi took oath before thousands of guests, including his counter part from rival Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. It is the first time since the two countries won independence in 1947 that a prime minister from one state has attended such a ceremony in the other. Mr Modi led led BJP party to a landslide win in the recent election. The BJP won the biggest victory by any party in India for 30 years, gaining a majority in parliament and trouncing the outgoing Congress Party. Senior BJP leaders Rajnath Singh (interior minister), Arun Jeitley (Defence), Sushma Swaraj (Foreign affairs), Nitin Gadkari, Jajma Heptullah and Umma Bharti and others were also also sworn in as ministers. But all eyes were on the presence of Mr Sharif who is expected to hold bilateral talks with Mr Modi on Tuesday. The two nuclear-armed rivals have fought wars in the past 60 years ( and the fourth is expected to be fought during Modi's era), because Modi's BJP party advocates a tough stance on Pakistan.
On other side Nawaz Sharif has ordered the release of 154 Indian fisherman as a good will gesture on the eve of his visit to India. While India in turn will hand over dead bodies or nearing death of Pakistani prisoners as it has been doing in the past. Modi does not see any Pakistani Muslim alive in India. Mian Sahib! wait and see which way the wind blows and when your new friend replies you with guns and threats of nuclear attacks.

Iranian Actress Leila Hatami Apologizes For Kissing Cannes Film Festival's President

Iranian actress Leila Hatami apologized for kissing the Cannes film festival's president, on the cheek. an act which angered authorities in the Islamic Republic, the News Agency IRNA reported. " I am so sorry for hurting the feelings of some people, " she wrote in a letter to Iran's cinema organization.
She underlines her respect for Islamic rules of behaviour in public, but festival president Gelles Jacob, 83, "had forgotten the aforementioned rules with comes with old age. "My pre-emptive action of hand shaking was fruitless" Hatami wrote explaining the kiss. "Although I am embarrassed to give these explanations, I had no choice but to go into details for those who could not understand the inevitable situation I was stuck in" she said. " In my eyes he is certainly like an old grandfather who was also my host"
A photograph carried by Irani media showed Hatami kissing Jacob at the opening of the festival earlier this month, prompting reprimand. "Those who attend international events should take heed of the credibility and chastity of Iranians, so that a bad image of Iranian women will not be demonstrated to the world" Irani Culture Minister Hussain said. He said Hatami's "inappropriate presence" at the festival was not in line with our beliefs". A group of female Islamist students are seeking a legal action against Hatami calling for her to be sentenced to jail term and lashed. Born in family with back ground in cinema, Hatami gained worldwide fame for her role in Asghar Farhadi's film "A Separation" that won 2012 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. She was on the jury this year at the annual Cannes festival in Southern France but lives in Iran.

How Olive Oil Helps In Lowering Blood Pressure

A scientific study revealed that eating unsaturated fatty acids, like those in olive oil, along with leafy greens and other vegetables create a certain kind of fatty acid that lowers blood pressure. These nitro fatty acids are formed when consuming spinach, celery and carrots tat are filled with nitrates and nitrites, along with avocado, nuts and olive oil that contain healthy fats. Nitro fatty acids appear to inhibit an enzyme known as soluble epoxide hydrolase, said the research in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, a peer- reviewed US Journal. " The findings of our study help to explain why previous research has shown Mediterranian diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce cardiovascular problems like stroke, heart-failure and heart attacks", said Phillip Eaton, professor of cardiovascular biochemistry at king's College of London. While most experts agree that Mediterranean diet - which consists lots of vegetables, fish, grains. red wine, fatty acids and oils brings health benefits, there has been little scientific consensus about how and why.

only Prayer Time Helps Making 137-year-old Saudi Man In Waking Him Up

A 137-year-old Saudi man who remains asleep most of the time at his home in Saudi Kingdom wakes up regularly for prayers with the help of his son. According to Emirates website, the man remains asleep and almost in a trance when his son pits his hands on his father's head and shouts to him that it was time for prayers. The website report say through its reporter that lean old man who was still lying and could hardly move, then started to say Azaan ( prayer call) in a low shaky voice and his tears began to roll down on his cheeks prompting his son to give him tissues. "My father's condition should be lesson for all", his son said quoted by the Kuwait Arabic language daily Al Anba, which did not disclose where the man lived in Saudi Arabia.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why Nawaz Sharif Attends Narendra Modi's Swearing-in- Ceremony?

While the USA may not participate in the oath-taking ceremony of Modi what is the need that PM Nawaz Sharif is going to attend his searing-in-ceremony. Inspite of Modi's hateful remarks about Pakistan and Muslims all the time and openly having hands in massacre of Gujrat Muslim, unfortunately he became the PM of India. It shows that majority of Hindus are extremists, enemies of Pakistan and totally against the existence of Pakistan. If he expects some trade deal or business deal then Hindus will welcome him otherwise, they do not like any Muslim or Pakistan to step on their soil.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Duchess Kate's Phone Was Hacked 155 Times

The former royal edidor of Rupert Murdoch's News of the World tabloid admitted to a London court on Wednesday he had repeatedly hacked voicemails of Prince William and Harry and Prince William's wife Kate Middleton. Clive Goodman who was jailed in 2007 for illegally accessing mobile phones of royal aides said he had hacked Queen Elizabeth grandson's almost a decade ago in search of stories while working at the defunct-tabloid now. Goodman targeted Kate Middleton since her marriage to William three years ago on Christmas eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day in 2005. The last time was August 7, 2006 a day before police arrested Goodman.

Boko Haram Hostages On Wednesday Began Second Month In Captivity

More than 200 schoolgirls on Wednesday began their second month as Boko Haram hostages, with Nigerian government indicating it was willing to talk to the militants to secure their release. Lawmakers in Abuja were also set to debate a request from president Goodluck Jonathan for a six-month extension to a state of emergency first imposed in three northeast states worst affected by insurgent violence exactly a year ago. Boko Haram, which has waged an increasingly deadly compaign of bombing and attacks in he last five years kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the remote town of Chibok Borno state on April 14. Street protests including in a torrential downpour in Nigeria's financial capital, Lagos, marked the one-month anniversary of girls' abduction, calling for the 223 still being held to be returned to their families.

Pakistan Will Play Six Full Series Of Cricket Against India During Next Eight Years

Pakistan confirmed on Wednesday it had agreed to play six full series of cricket against India with official backing, Pakistan is expected to host four of the matches over the next eight years, after its cricket board said it had signed a memorandum of understanding with India on the issue, and pending a legal agreement. Pakistan Cricket Board's chief operating officer Subhan Ahmad told," The Future Tour Programs (FTP) for Pakistan between 2015-2023 will have six tours of India, four of which will be hosted by Pakistan. Reports had been circulating since last month that a full series would be played between the two nations as early as next year, after the PCB conditionally agreed to reorganization of the game's administration,(but India is not trustworthy, it may cancel any match making lame excuses), the International Cricket Council (ICC), which will give India a bigger say in its governance. India suspended all bilateral series with Pakistan in the wake of 2008 attacks, which New Delhi blamed on the militants based across the border. Pakistani team toured India for a short limited series in December 2012- January 2013, but a full series was not agreed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Chief operating officer said the six tours will consist of ," 14 Tests, 30 one-days and 12 T 20s" The PCB expected the tours to be written in legally binding agreements "as soon as possible", he added. The PCB wanted the first of the series to be played on home ground, but if the security situation was not conducive to it the match will be played in the United Arab Emirates. Pakistan has not hosted any International cricket since the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team bus in March 2009. If the series goes ahead it will mark a great success for Pakistan in he recent years after a prolonged isolation at international level due to security fears. Pakistan lastly played a full series in India in 2007 while last toured Pakistan in 2006. The cricket matches between Pakistan and India are widely seen as the most sought after cricket globally, with billions watching them on television worldwide. .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Google Is Working On Nexus-6 for Its Flagship Smartphone 2014

As the smartphone market is going to red hot with the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), now new report recons that Google is working on Nexus 6 for its flagship smartphone of 2014. The projection is based on the notion that Google would want to stand on the middle-ground when competing with its closest rivals Apple ans Samsung. According to reports Apple is eyeing on September debut for its first tablet the iPhone 6 which actually is keeping with tech giants release calender. With the Nexus 6 intro schedule seemingly settled, Google can focus on more essential things packing its signature phone with insane features that would make it worthy opponent of iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5. If the recently unveiled LG Pro 2 as Nexus 6 in making, the later's likely screen size is six inches and to complement such impressive display feature Google is proving a muscled graphic engine that will fire up a sweet 2 K resolution. The guesswork makes a sense as 2K is becoming the smartphone screen standard beginning in 2014. Apple introduces a new era in mobile device computing when it let out the iPhone 5S last year with 64-bit computing prowess. The two titans have no choice for Google it has to follow suit. It is yet unclear if Snapdragon CPU will be ready in time for the Nexus 6 debut this year but Google can tap Samsung to supply the 64-bit chip to power the device. This means that next Nexus phone will rely on Oxynos octa-core technology for its processing requirements, which is not impossible at all. Google and Samsung, after all, are Anroid allies.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS) Enters In US

The first case of MERS, a dangerous respiratory virus that originated in the Middle East and has a high death rate, has been confirmed in the United States. The person infected with (MERS-CoV) is a health care provider who had traveled to Riyath for work, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said. The name, gender and the location of the patient were not disclosed. There is no cure for MERS Co V, no medicine for treating it and no vaccine to prevent it. The virus causes fever, breathing difficulties and can lead to pneumonia and death in some patients. According to center for disease control, 401 people in 12 countries have been confirmed to have MERS Co V, including the US patient. The latest death toll announced by Saudi authorities is 107. There appears to have been rise in the cases lately, but the scientists have no indication whether virus is mutating or becoming more infectious. A professor of epidemiology at the the university of Columbia, New York said, " It has not evolved to become more capable of human to human transmission It is the same virus we see in camels.". Officials are trying to track down the people who were near the patient who flew from Riyath to London on April 24 and then flew to Chicago, Illinois , where the patient boarded a public bus to Indiana. It was also not known whether the patient had direct contact with camels during the Saudi trip. MERS is considered a deadlier cousin of SARS virus that erupted in Asia in 2003, and infected 8,273 people, nine percent of whom died. The prognosis of MERS is worst among patients who have other health problems or who have compromised immune systems.

India Is The Biggest Buyer Of Arms In The World

According to Swedish think tank, India remains the biggest buyer of arms in the world, importing nearly three times as many arms as its nearest competitors China and Pakistan during the last five years. The total volume of the arms sale was up 14 percent in 2009-2013 compared to previous five years, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). India imports of major weapons rose by 111 percent in the last five years compared to 2004-08. Its share of total global imports increased from 7 to 14 percent. India replaced China as the world's biggest arms buyer in 2010. With its domestic industry struggling to manufacture high-tech arms. The main supplier of arms to India in 2009-2013 was Russia, accounting for 75 % of all imports-- reflecting India's needs to upgrade and moderinise its weapons system dating back to their close relationship during Cold War. India has lately sought to diversify its sources, looking particularly to the United States. Figures released in February by IHS Jane's showed that India became the biggest buyer of Us arms during the last year- with total imports worth $ 1.9 billion and a string of large-scale purchase including Boeing's C-17 A transport aircraft and P-81 Maritime Patrol Aircraft. India's traditional rival Pakistan increased its weapon acquisition by 119 percent growing from 2 % of the global total to 5 % during that period. The five largest arms suppliers worldwide between 2009-2013 were the United States (29 percent of global exports), Russia (27 %), Germany (7 percent)and France (5 Percent). The world's top arms importers were now India, China, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

In The Past Blue Passports Were issued To Friends and Property Dealers- Senator

The federal minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Parvez Rahid has revealed in the meeting committee of Senate's standing Committee that in the past blue passports were issued to girlfriends, friends and property dealers. He also said that 902 passports were issued to foreigners that have been black listed now. It was also revealed that Peshawar High Court has declared 7762 people holding passports as foreigners and those have also been black listed. Information minister Parvez Rashid demanded cancellation of all the blue passports issued on political basis and closing down all the unnecessary passport offices opened during the tenure of last government. The office opened in the tenure of last government are, if closed, this government will will open other offices on the political basis. Because it is the tradition of every government. It will recruit another staff and terminate the employees of the previous government. What is fair in this country?

Monday, May 12, 2014

London Became The City Of World's Richest People

London became the city of "super Rich" people. Most of the billionaires reside in London. These include Pakistan-born Sir Anwar Parvez. He possesses 1.3 billion pounds. He came to London in 1960's and founded Best Way Cash And Carry. He is on No 74 among the Britain's billionaires. Britain has collectively 104 billionaires and out of these 72 live in London only. Among them 39 belong to other countries who migrated to Britain. While among 102 billionaires belong to Britain 44 took birth outside Britain. After London most of Billionaires live in Moscow and New York that are 48 and 43, respectively, in number. No Pakistani city is included in the list of billionaires. However, 13 billionaires live in Indian city Mumbai. Paris has 18, Beijing 15, Singapore 14, Hong Kong 34, Las Angeles 38, San Francisco 42, and 14 billionaires live in Dellas. Among the top billionaires in Britain is Hindu Jaa. Seventy-eight-years-old Sri Chand and 74 years Gopi Chand have 11.3 billion pounds. Hindu Jaa community consists of four brothers, the elder one Sri Chand is the chairman of the Hindu Jaa Group. They deal in oil, auto mobiles, banking. property and media. Pakistani Sir Anwar Parvez shifted to London from Gojar Khan( Pakistan) and started grocery business then established Best Way Group that includes Cash and Carry and a Bank. He has also invested in cement business in Pakistan.Among the women the richest one is former singer Crysty Britiley who had also released her album " Indigo Shores, Tomorrow". She has 9.75 billion pounds. The fourth among the richest persons is Music and media tycon former soviet person Lan Bilavat Nik who has 10 billion pounds. Similarly other billionaires include Muhammad Al-Faed, Malcolm, George Emel Sarhindi, Richard Elman and Family, and Ajay Kasi and family.

Selena Gomez Is Trying To 'Erase' Justin From Her Life

The 21-year-old pop singer, who had an on/ off relations with 'Boyfriend' hitmaker for a few years, is reportedly attempting to forget 20-year-old singer to move on with her life. According to Hollywoodlife, while Selena was shooting her Adidas Neo commercial in New York city last month, she asked for all traces of Justin to be removed from her working environment and did not even want to say her name. A second source said," A few of the camera guys names were Justin, and her team asked [if] their names be changed so she did not have to say the name Justin." Meanwhile Justin has been linked to a number of beauties, since the pair reportedly had a ' huge fight' including 18-year -old model Yovanna Ventura and Selena's friend Kylie Jenne. But Selena is not bothered by the rumours, and claims Justin can date whomever he likes. A source added, "if he wants to date a teenager like Kylie or a wannabe model, then let him. She is and moving on from the broken promises and drama." Selena Gomez reportedly "does not care" who Justin Bieber dates, after he posted a number of photographs looking cosy with model Yovanna Ventura.

Question Raised By Muslim On First Ever 'Halal' Sex-Shop

Questions have been raised by Muslim on the launch of first ever 'Halal sex-shop. This issue is controversial in the Muslim territories. Muslims believe these are another seeds of evil sown by the Capitalist society of west. Hamza Yousuf, an American Islamic scholar and co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley California, told Foreign Policy by phone," Muslim countries have all these but they do not advertise them. It all goes back to monetizing the religion." Turkey became the first country to introduce a so called "Islamic" online sex shop to sell 'halal' sex products. This is one of its kind to be introduced in Muslim society which was only to spark controversy. Haluk Murat Demeril, the founder of website, who wanted to launch a website for the purpose seeking advice on sex but content available on other websites is too explicit. Allah is aware of human needs including the need to fulfil sexual pleasure and thus create a bond of love called 'Nikah'. The sexual desire in humans is same as for shelter and hunger. The purpose of Islam is to satisfaction of needs of humans in a proper way in the light of noble teachings of Islam. The rules of Islam regarding sexual relations are only granted to married couples. Those outside wedlock are not allowed to undergo the same experience. The Quran and Hadith of Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba (SAW) also clearly states that sex within the confines of marriage is not purely for procreation, as it is in some Christian Denominations.