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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Zardari Sahib" One Of The Options For Mutiple Choice Question For 9th Grade Exam

An extraordinary option appeared as a possible answer for a question on a ninth grade exam.
The question, what is the system of life based on, listed Zardari Sahib as one of the options. The other options in the multiple choice question included religion, world and wealth.
According to the Punjab Education Minister the paper was made by a teacher from Dera Ghazi Khan and an investigation is underway to find out how ‘Zardari Sahib’ was listed as one of the options.
The minister adds that action will be taken against those found to be involved.
This was not the only question in which an unusual option was listed as a probable answer. A question appearing in the evening paper for the ninth grade asked: Who is responsible for the protection of Pakistan?
The options listed for this multiple choice question were Allah, Gilani Sahib, Zardari Sahib and the Pakistani people.

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