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Monday, March 26, 2012

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is Moving

Scientists all over the world agree that magnetic north pole is moving from its place quickly and the important change that it would result will be the deprivation of Alaska of lights(auroras) of north pole. The north pole lights (auroras) will shine now in Siberia and Europe. Will the movement of magnetic north pole bring any big change on earth? It is an important question but at present scientists have no answer yet to this question.
However, experts know that earth's magnetic north pole is moving towards north America so quickly that during next 50 years it will reach to Siberia and will lose its identity after merging in this region.
Magnetic poles are different from geographical poles. Their surface points identify the orbit of movement of earth.It is said about the magnetic poles that they change locations and some times they diminish the places coming in their way.
An expert Joseph Stoner from Oregon State University told during the meeting of American geophysical union of San Fransisco that it could be a normal transfer process or it was possible too that this pole may once again return to Canada but it was difficult to say something exactly at present.
It has been revealed in the past studies that that the power of magnetic shield has been decreased by 10 % during the last 150 years.

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