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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Imran Khan Pakistan: A personal History" Autobiography Of A Cricketer Not The Politician

The book written by Imran Khan can be called a mental biography. The book envisages topics from religion to spirituality and politics. Though he did not mentioned separately about cricket in this book as he has narrated his cricket life in detail in his book "All Round View", however cricket runs in his body as blood so he has given examples from his cricket life experiences about any specific event in the book. The book also gives information about the decision of his retirement from cricket. Though the general impression about his retirement has been that Imran Khan had decided to retire from cricket after winning 92's World Cup, but, the book says that Khan had been thinking to go to England after world cup, however, the attitude of his colleagues forced him to retire from cricket.
About Zaheer Abbas, Imran Khan said that he had not seen the most concentrated batsman than him, in his life. He said that Zaheer Abbas had the full understanding of timing and he had full command over that. Zahher Abbas had natural capability of foreseeing the timing. During 1978 he had destroyed the bowling attack of visiting Indian Team. Only after one year when we visited India, cricket fans had greater expectations from Zaheer Abbas. It was clearly visible that he was burdened under the load of expectations. Instead of controlling the fear of failure he started looking toward opposite direction. First of all he unnecessarily disturbed his specific bating technique. I, Imran Khan said told him him that he has set a record due to his technique, last year. After a few days he was getting his eyes examined that something was wrong with his eyesight. Two weeks after that his condition worsened more and he was thinking that his worsening condition was due to sme black magic. Afterall, this great batsman had to leave the team. Imran Khan Says that after several year observations He learnt that many people meet with failure because they are deprived of the capability of analyzing the cause of failure exactly.

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