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Friday, March 16, 2012

Great Personalities Who Successfully Defeated Failures In Life

Giving a new turn to the computer technology, Bill Gates was a drop out of the Harvard University. His first business with Paul Allen also failed. But his next attempt of Microsoft made him the richest person of the world.
Chicken roasting process of Harland David Sands was rejected by one thousand and nine restaurants. But he was not discourage. The next hotel gave him the chance and thus Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) got started.
Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because the editor though he had no creative ideas. Now Disney Land is known all over the world.
The great scientist of the time Einstein could not speak a single word till he was of 4 years of age. He was expelled from school and could not get admission in any educational institution till longer. But same Einstein revolutionized the world of physics with his new theories and got Nobel Prize.
Izak Newton was an ordinary student in school. He also worked at a farm house where farm owner did not pay his wages some times. The ordinary and poor Newton gave the world Laws of Gravity and Movement.
Let us have a look at the film, showbiz and political celebrities who had a tough time before reaching enjoying glamorous life. Opera Onfrey was kicked out of a Tv Channel because color was black and her personality did not match the TV screen or was not photogenic. This Opera afterwards was a successful Anchor person of the American talk show "Opera" that set the record in the history of Talk shows.
Sir Winston Churchill was twice the prime minister of Great Britain but he failed in sixth class twice. He failed in elections of all levels first and he could not speak a word before the public. Once he tried to speak in a gathering with shaking legs and could only say a word except "I Conceive" thrice. A lady stood up from the audience and said to Churchill " You conceived three rimes but you did not deliver" But he got success in the age of 62 years and was elected the prime minster of Britain.

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