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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheese And Ice Cream Are In The List Of Foods That May Cause Food Poisoning

Though food poisoning is usually caused by the foods taken in hotels and restaurants, but food poisoning from cheese usually occur from that prepared at home. Home-made cheese can be polluted by salmonilla or nysteria bacteria that may result in abortion of pregnancy in the hoping women. Therefore, doctors prohibit pregnant women from eating soft cheese. Si,ilarly, chesses preserved at homes may fell prey to germs, so the chesses is enlisted among the dangerous diets that can cause food poisoning.
Ice Cream:-
Food poisoning occuring due to ice cream is common. Only in the United States from 1990 till today 75 epidemics have taken place due to taking ice cream. Ice cream can be polluted by salmonilla or stephylo cocus bacteria. Raw eggs are usually used in the ice creams prepared at homes and milk as well as fruits are also mixed in it so any constituent can be polluted that can lead to food poisoning.
Potatoes And Tomatoes:--
Tomatoes are usually used in soups or salads and is an important vegetable for cooking. It is affected by hot weather too much and bacteria can enter easily in the fruit. Tomatoes are mostly polluted in the market even when you bring tomatoes home care should be taken to keep them on the place where they may not pollute other food items.
Similarly, potatoes a commonly used and cooked vegetables in home has been put in the list of dangerous foods causing food poisoning. If they are perfectly cooked then risks of poisoning is very low. However, when used in salad or "Chaat" there is higher likelihood of being polluted by bacteria and germs.Potatoes can be polluted by other foods like meat. In advanced countries like the USA and Europe the epidemics due to potatoes' poisoning have occasionally spread out.
Similarly salads should be cleaved and washed before taking to avoid risks of food poisoning.

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