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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some Thinner, Flexible And Small Sized Inventions

All the newspapers claim that you can read their paper on their websites. Engineers of a Korean company that manufactures electronic appliances have claimed that they have invented an E-paper which can be folded as common printed paper. According to the engineers the E-paper is 9 inches wide and 16 inches long,while its weight is 130 grams. Experts have used Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) technology consisting of extremely latest, thinner film instead of glass. Due to thin layer of TFT technology and LCD it is possible to turn or fold the E-paper. Experts have attached current producing Switching Integrated Circuit (IC) all around the paper panel to keep it flexible. For quick display, switching circuit and drivers have been harmonized with the latest technology GIP ( Gate-in-Panel).
*--- NoteSlate e Sketcher:--
A latest invention e sketcher as is called used for writing is an electronic slate. It is like an A4 paper size having total size of 210 x 310 x 6 mm weighing 280 grams. It provides writing through the method of Monochrome basically consists of 5 models of colors for writing. The color models include black, white, red, blue and green of eInk. Monochrome is such a visual medium that can use only one shade or color. The color of epaper that is used for black writing is white while, for writing in other colors black epaper is to be used.The high quality battery can be used for 180 hours, however, solar energy can also be used for Noteslater. The upper side of the slate is provided with USB port as well as room for 32 GB SD memory card. While, the lower surface has 3 buttons for saving, deleting or displaying the previous page. With the ePen used for writing general writing eEraser is also provided. The Epen has magnetic cap too. The user of Eslate can listen to music through MP player with the help of headphone. Eslate costing $ 69 is operating through 0.7 vision of NS Firmware of the Open Source Operating System.

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