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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Most Hard Cricket Matches For Me As A Captain----Imran Khan

Imran Khan said as a captain of the team 3 matches were the most difficult ones. These were 1988 match against India, match against West Indies during 1988 and World Cup 1992. The match against India was hard because we had to play on their home ground and umpires were theirs too. Apparently our team was weak as well, but nation would have never tolerated defeat against India. When the teams of Pakistan and India are against each other, this does not remain a game but turns into real war for Pakistanis. The players are in pressure too against India in these circumstances. During 1988 when we played against West Indies, their team was the strongest one of the history. Single minor mistake could lead to crashing of the opposite team. To return home after draw match could be a great success as they had their home ground and their umpires, no world team could do that during a decade. The 1992 world cup matches were also nerve breaking.
During the decades of 1970's and 1980's, Pakistan's national team became stronger gradually and we could stand upright before our former masters( the Britishers). When any of the Pakistan, India and West Indies team entered the ground and had to play against England, there they consider the opportunity to get their old slavery wounds healed.
Imran Khan further wrote in his book that his two best friends in the cricket world, SirWaven Richard from West Indies and Suneil Gawaskar of India though in the same way with the same passions. I could rightly guess that during the decades of 1970's and 80's, to fight in the ground with English players was an active force behind the motivation. Specially in the playing style of Richard the restoration of integrity, ego and self-respect was the sentimental vigor because these qualities were snatched by the masters from the slaves.

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