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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Event That Shocked Me Much More Than My Mother's Death---- Imran Khan

A strange situation Arose among the team members when we got historical success in the 1992 World Cup. The members used to say that the national money will be spent on the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, after the success. I am still astonished that why my team members were thinking in this way. While on the way back to home from Australia, we stopped at Singapore, Pakistan Ambassador handed over me a checque for Shaukat Khanum Hospital. I realized that my player thought the checque was actual their right. When We reached home, Lahore businessmen arranged a dinner in our honor in Shalimar Garden. There they intended to give me the money they had collected for the hospital. I was stunned when team member walked out of the function. This event pinched and shocked me so much that several other incidents that troubled me looked lighter;like death of my dear mother, listening details of massacre in East Pakistan by Ashraf ul Haq, and breakage of my leg during the peak of my cricket life.
All these were the players who were selected and trained by me. I played an active role to train them to the status of international players. i was much dishearten from their negative behavior toward me. After month of world cup I was under pressure because Pakistani community in England wanted me to visit England. They also wanted to contribute a huge money for the hospital. I was tired now after playing cricket for 21 years and wanted to retire and the Shalimar event played a decisive role in this regard.

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