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Friday, March 23, 2012

Egg Decoration--- A Beautiful And Unque Art

When one thinks of an egg, differently cooked dishes of eggs come in mind like fried egg ( half or full), boiled or half boiled egg, omelet or egg pudding. However, there are some eggs that can not be eaten but are worth-seeing. They eggs may not of hens only but consists of eggs of other birds too. These eggs are turned into fascinating shapes and forms by artists. The carving of eggshells have become an art of "Egg Decoration". The uncooked egg is emptied of its internal contents by making holes on either ends and egg shell is carved, dyed or decorating it with different techniques is called egg decoration.
The evidences of egg decorating or engraving the eggshell have been found prehistorically. The proofs of egg decoration were found in the cave of rocky range of historical site " Diepkloof Rock Shelter" of South Africa. Geometrical engraving on sixty thousand year old shells of Ostrich eggs were discovered on the location that is 150 kilometers away from the important central city Capetown of South Africa. The number of discovered pieces of egg shells is 270 that according to experts can be the remains of 25 eggs. Experts also said that meaning full engravings on the hard surface of ostrich eggs sixty thousand years ago indicates the full command of artists of that age on this artistry. Similarly, according to local traditions, in the European country Ukraine that has unique place regarding the art of egg decoration; the art continues since 988 BC. Moreover, nearly 3000 years back Ancient Egyptians and the people of Persia (Iran) used to decorate eggs. In Iran on the eve of "Naurose" the eggs were decorated delicately and presented the colorful eggs to each other as gifts. This tradition continues from 3000 years in some locations of Iran till today. The people of Iran present decorated eggs to each other on the of spring as good will gesture and friendship.
In the Pak-India Sub continent the tradition of hanging decorated eggs on the Mausoleum of "Sufis" persisted. During 1370, a chain of crafted eggs of ostrich had existed on the Mausoleum of Syed Zain ul Abadeen in Aurangabad , India. Similarly, the decorated ostrich eggs in the beautiful iron nets are hanging on the Mausoleums of Hazrat Nizam ud Din Aulia and Amir Khusrao in India.

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