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Saturday, March 17, 2012

90- Year Old Betty White Remained The Top Star With THe Most Audience Appeal In 2011

Betty White, the 90-year-old queen of comedy, remained the star with the most audience appeal in 2011 while cross-dressing Tyler Perry of the “Madea” films suffered a setback in a new celebrity poll on Thursday.
The survey from Encino, California-based E-Poll Market Research showed “Hot in Cleveland” star White was the most liked Hollywood celebrity in its survey covering calendar year 2011, a spot she also held in 2010. She was followed by Sandra Bullock and Michael J. Fox.
But the percentage of respondents who said they like Perry a lot dropped by 14 points, which the research firm pinned on a “South Park” spoof of the star and controversy surrounding him.
“He declined from a very high level. He was very popular in 2010,” said Randy Parker, a spokesman for E-Poll, which found only 20 percent of respondents like Perry a a lot.

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