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Monday, March 26, 2012

Civil Awards Have Been Humiliated

Some of the people who have been awarded civil awards never ever deserve these prestigious ones. It is not only the insult of the Name of Pakistan but also downgrading the standard and quality of these prestigious wards. Astonishingly, those bureaucrates who have to serve the nation for salaries do not deserve wards, however, they are the favorites of the government and are spokespersons of the PPP only rather than to execute their official responsibilities. Interior minister, a former law minister and many others who have decorated with awards, what are their contributions for the nation. Interior minister job has been to have run between zero nine and president house. Situation of law and order in Karachi and else where in the country has become the worst in decades. Speaker national assembly has to perform her duty what was the rationale of awarding with civil award. The contributions of Fasrzana Raja, Farhat ullah Babar, Nargis Sethi and many more that have been awarded, is not visible to the nation but government visualized their "capabilities".
Irtaza Rubab(Meera) has been given Sstar-i- Imtiaz who has defamed Pakistan with her new scandals all the time in India. Did she dererve the award. However, she might have been serving the high ranking personalities for which she was selected for award.
The civil awards have never been so cheaper than those distributed on March 23, 2012.

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