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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Printerd Memory Technique

In Norway The company ASA that manufactures printed memory "thin film electronics" for electronic appliances has developed such a transparent sticker of Carbon compound which can save the data printed matter on permanent basis with the help of circuit and transistor. This sticker can be activated by pasting on any card, leveled or semi circled surface. Ace Experts presented Hiss Pop completely compatible to multi media with the help of "printing memory technique" during exhibition of electronic appliances Exploratorium in San Fransisco on March 2.
The creator of the game are Ken Eklun and Sani Thacher. Card called Thinfilm memory does not lose memory even if power break down ocurres. Printing memory technique on layer of thinfilm made of polymer material has set record in in the exhibition of popularity. According to experts kids toys, video games, sensor's apparatus and identity system could be improved more.

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