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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romanian Fasion House Sets Guinness World Record For Longest Bridal Train

A Romanian fashion house has set a Guinness World Record for the longest bridal train in history.
It took ten seamstresses 100 days to create the 1.85-mile-long ivory train which billowed high above Bucharest as it was displayed from a hot-air balloon.
The creation was worn by 17-year-old model Ema Dumitrescu to promote this year’s Wedding Fair in the Romanian capital.
Project spokeswoman Lavinia Lascae said many of the fabrics used, including lace and taffeta, were imported from Italy and France pushing the cost up to about £4,500.
The previous record for the world’s longest train stood at 2,488 metres by Dutch designers.
Organiser Alin Caraman took particular delight in grabbing the record, saying: “If the Netherlands does not allow us into Europe, we’ll take them out of the world records book.”

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