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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Secret Agreement Between PPP And Muslim League (N) For October Next Election

PPP and Muslim League (N) have secretly agreed on an agreement to hold general elections during the last week of October 2012. Sources disclosed the during the dialogue process for the approval of 20th amendment, both the leaders of major parties had agreed to the election formula under which the MNA's of PML (N) will resign after the 2012-13 budget is approved from the national assembly. After which prime minister will advise president to dissolve national assembly and announce for general election. Because after the collective resignations of MNA's of PML(N) it will not be possible to hold elections on 1/3 of the NA seats for a few months.
Under the principle of "Political Field For Politicians" the understanding was also agreed to hinder the way completely of "State Institutions" to get involved in politics, (Because both parties are afraid of army). It was also decided not to extend services of any government servant for the sake of national security or continuity of any leadership for national interest( as Pasha's service has been extended). Because the leadership thought that philosophy of collective leadership and continuity of policies will be adapted instead of depending on personalities in the state affairs (this was suddenly conceived by PPP after 5 years rule). The agreement is jointly agreed by Nawaz Sharif and Zardai. The contents of the agreement were prepared and finalized by group of 4, two each from the parties concerned. Those include Mian Raza Rabbani, Barristar Aitzaz Ahsan (PPP) and Ishaq Dar and Chaudhary Nisar from PML(N).
To show the political vision and intellectualism of politicians and for psychological impact to some state institution ( definitely military) a clause- wise, complicated, long-term and detailed strategy for confidence building measures was developed after due concentration and hard work. Under this pact the chapter of enmity with India has been closed for the first time in history( which can be not be done with out ignoring Kashmir Issue).

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