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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Both The Major Political Parties Agree To Deepen Friendship With India

When PPP says to end enmity and strengthen friendship ties with India and to give it the status of Most Favorite country, in other words ignoring the issue of Kashmir totally and for ever; it is understandable as being of secular ideology it is can do that, but how does PML (N) agrees to have cordial relations apart from formal diplomatic relations with India. Hindu was, Hindu is And Hindu will be the enemy of Pakistan first and of Muslims second. It separated East Pakistan and want to split remaining Pakistan. Why our leaders do not understand a simple visible scenario.? or greed of power has made them mends dull? Whom the Indians government is piling latest arms? conducting test of missile of and on for? For whom it developed atom bomb? who is not giving the right of self-determination to Kashmiris.? Who is killing hundreds of Kashmiris every day? What else is needed for enmity? The leadership is made puppet by PPP. What had done OOO with the London pact done between Banazir and Nawaz Sharif?
Actually both are are afraid of Imran Khan's Tsunami and joining hands to defeat him. Therefore, they made conciliatory decisions during by-elections of national and provincial assemblies.
The trade agreement under which according to government food items, spices and vegetable will be imported from India , but does any body know Hindus mix urine and feaces (excretion) of cows( Which is Hindus' mother) in the food items exported to Pakistan? Do our rulers want to make our Muslims eat "Haram" and dirty foods from India? The coalition of PPP and PML may compete the Dafa e Pakistan Council and Tehreek e Insaf simultaneously, if they are sincere in their friendly promises with each other. However, government is not relieved of memogate and contempt of court cases yet.

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