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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ultra-Thin PaperPhone Invented

Researchers of Quinn's University in Ontario, Canada and "Motivational Environment Research Group" of Arizona State University have created a smartphone on thin layer of plastic. According to the director Dr Roel Vertegeal of "Human Media Laboratory" at Queen's University, phone can be made operational after folding from sides. this alternative system has been developed for the people who do not like touch operating system.Mobile paper phone has been provided with MP3 music player and Internet facilities. The user of paperphone can also study ebook. If needed map navigation can also be done utilizing GPS. The plastic smartphone presented on experimental basis does not carry battery and central chip made up of elastic plastic have been pasted in a hard strip toward right side of paperphone. Decorated with electronic facility, the operating program of the paperphone was written by young programmer Byron Lahey, Audrey Girouard and Winslow Berleson with mutual consultation. Phone screen consists of 3.7 inches, while multi-dimensional elastic bend sensors of 5 inch size have been installed that were developed by the famous company Felix Point Sensor System (FLXT), which follow the instructions of the users for folding its plastic corners or side in any particular direction. The paperphone to be marketed soon has the shortest processor Gumstic that is installed in the single board computer.

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