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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Teen Movie "The Hunger Game" Will Hit The Screen Soon

Post-apocalyptic teen movie "The Hunger Games", adapted from a bestselling fight-to-the-death novel, hits screens worldwide from Wednesday in one of the most-anticipated box office releases of the year.
The film is based on the thriller of the same name by the US novelist Suzanne Collins, part of a trilogy that has sold 30 million copies worldwide, the latest teen publishing phenomenon in the wake of the "Twilight" saga.
Set in Panem, a fictional land born of the ashes of a ruined North America, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence as a young girl forced to fight for her life in a Roman circus-style televised bloodsport - known as "The Hunger Games".
Hyped by marketers as a potential new "Twilight" or "Harry Potter", the movie hits screens in France and across much of Europe on Wednesday, followed around the world on Thursday and Friday.
Online bookings ahead of the film's US release on Friday are higher than for the third instalment of the "Twilight" vampire saga, its distributors say, with several hundred US movie houses sold out.

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