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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Personalities Who Learnt From Their Failures And Climbed The Peak Of Success

In this world many people are disheartened from their failures and leave the struggle to find the destination. In this way they never achieve the goal. One must not lose heart and not be discouraged from failures but should learn from them and carry on to struggle for the purpose they have in mind. Those great people who reached and conquered the Mount Everest of success, how many times they failed to reach the destination but they were not discouraged and in the last they were the winner while failures themselves failed. Here are the Celebrities who are the example of continuous struggle and created their distinction in their respective fields.
The most successful renown businessman of the USA Henry Ford failed 5 times in the business of vehicles manufacturing and was defaulted too but his sixth attempt brought the light of success to him and he founded the biggest car manufacturing company "FORD" in the United States.
Every body who visits the USA knows R.H. Messy who failed in his business 7 times in the beginning but his eighth attempt gave the fruits of his struggle and he successfully launched Messy Garments Store in Newyork.
F.H. Woolworth was serving in a shop before he succeeded in starting chain of departmental store in the united States. His master used to deduct his pay of and on by making baseless excuses.
The job application of Solcher Honda was rejected by Toyota Motors. He was not discouraged and got loan and started making scooters at home. Thus he founded the world's popular Honda Motors Company.
No body would have been knowing Que Moreena but every one know the Sony electronic products. Que started making cookers for rice cooking but his product failed. Afterward this Que Moreena made the Sony Corporation high up.

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