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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tablet To Be Developed That Would Erase Bitter Memories

Jefferey Michell, a clinical professor of the University of Maryland discovered a method of treatment to get rid of sentimental shocking memories on the basis of his personal experiences, He named the method "Critical Incident Stress Debriefing" (CISD). The basic concept of the treatment is that if somebody confronts a tragic ,dreadful and awesome incident he must discuss and share the matter with his close friends and expel his sentiments. This way the incident would not be sealed in the memory. Otherwise he may suffer some psychological disorder due to the sad incident. The disorder he falls to prey is called PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder).
The method of treatment (CISD) was not only accepted in the United States but by the out side world too. The neurologists are aware of the fact that when our mind tries to recall an event, it is helped by some proteins. Scientists want to block the way of these proteins by giving tablet to the patient. Thus they think that human being will be enabled to erase bitter memories any time he wants.
Every memory is saved in our mind through a set of one or two neuron cells. Recalling any incident, the neuron of the set linked to that memory are activated and then they activate other sets if needed. The process of creating ang saving memories is called consolidation.
The modern science is making human beings able by specific medication to revise or change memories or even get rid of negative memories and feel relaxed. The experts would direct the patient to recall the memory that is glooming him because these are saved in our minds through cellular consolidation. When one thinks about the past event the new proteins are needed to complete the process. These proteins connect all the cells linked to the past event. Among these proteins one on the important one is PKM Zeta. When the incident is prominently in the mind, experts would get it written or repeated by the patient. Now this particular event will be targeted by giving the patient a tablet that would not allow the PKM Zeta protein. This is the protein that makes the specific bitter memory saved in the mind. So due to non activation of this protein , this bitter memory will disappear from mind for ever. The neurologists are certain to develop such medicine that will target the bitter incident that one wants to erase. However, other memories will not be affected and will remain saved in the mind.

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