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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Can Not Understand This Side Of Islam, Can You? See The Video

What Is Going On- What Kind of Islam Is This... by adrish

Pakistan Could Snatch Kashmir During Sino-India War But Super Powers Did Not Want

Late prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru then defense minister VK Krishna Menon in 1961 that he had received reliable information that China would not offer resistance if there was a show of force to make them vacate the check-post. As the war began in 1962, Shah of Iran sent a copy of the letter he had written to Ayub Khan, suggesting tht he sends his soldiers to fight along side Indian forces against the 'Red Menace'. General P N Thapar had submitted a note to the government when he took over as chief in 1960, in it he pointed out thatthe equipment with army were in such a poor condition and in such a short supply that China or Pakistan could easily defeat India. Veteran journalist and a former member of parliament has written in length the wrangling inside the corridors of power in New Delhi in the run up to war with China, in his book titled "Beyond the Lines". By mid-1961, Chinese border forces had advanced 70 miles west of Sinkiag-Tibet road from the position they had held in 1958. Clashes between China and India started in Ladakh in 1959. Same year Dalai Lama fled from Tibet to Indian city Dharam Sala and got asylem and he set his government in exile. Nehru government helped him from each respect which angered Chinese government. In 1960 Chu En Lai visited India to solve the conflicts, but when he reached Prime Minister's house, the daughter of Nehru, Indra, Indra Gandhi, who received him was wearing Tibeten dress to show solidarity with Dalai Lama, so differences coluld not be resolved. To teach lesson to India, China attacked India. Five hours before attack Chinese government sent a secret message to Pakistani government about its attack and advised Pakistan to attack Jammu and Kashmir to get the state free within two days, as Indian army can not defend the two=sided attacks by Chinese and Pakistani armies. Ayub Khan was in confusion when American and British powers pressurized Pakistan not to attack India and they afterward will press Indian government to solve Kashmir issue. Not attacking India at the time was a controversial decision of Ayub Khan as several Generals were of the view of attacking India. So, Pakistan lost a golden chance of getting Kashmir. Otherwis, the stae of Jammu and Kashmir today would have been the part of Pakistan. And the promise of western powers about getting the Kashmir issue met with the same fate as other resolutions pending in the United Nations since more tan half a century.

Some Sensational Revelations About Imran-Reham's Divorce

Renowned journalist Arif Nizami who was the first to break news between Imran and Reham more than a month ago has made more startling disclosures about the hot issue. While talking to a local TV channel Arif Nizami revealed that Imran Khan divorced Reham via e mail. He said it was not a political but personal divorce as both had sever fights two days ago. He said Imran Khan felt insecure by Reham's behaviour and he feared to be poisoned by her. Nizami claimed the divorce was not with 'mutual consent' it was because the couple did not have mutual understanding. In the sever fight two days ago Reham stretched hand at Imran Khan. He further said Imran Khan's sisters and sons' unhappy attitude towards Reham were another reasons for the divorce. He went n to say despite Imran and Reham's denial over money settlement, he can not accept it. He further said Reham needs money to get settled in London, and if not Imran Khan, somebody close to him will pay the expenses (and only Jahangir Tareen can pay the huge amount).

Who Is Behind Imran-Reham's Divorce?

Ex-wife Of Imran Khan, Reham Khan while taling to local TV channel has revealed that some party leaders were behind their divorce, special a leader close to Imran Khan had big involvement in their divorce ( though she did not name, but it may be Jahangir Tareen). She also said Imran Khan never spoke about the matter before, only it was decided a day earlier. However, they are not legally divorced yet and matter is in the court yet, they have filed for it. Referring to divorce she said the decision was taken by mutual consent. Earlier in her message on Twitter she had said they have parted ways and filed for divorce in the court.
Meanwhile, one of the top leaders of PTI, on the directives of Imran Khan, has contacted Reham Khan in London and asked her not to issue statements in media about divorce issue.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Imran-Reham Marriage Ended After 10 Months Of Marriage

code-0 After 10 months of marriage Tehreek e Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan andhis wif Reham Khan have decided to part ways. The PTI's chief has confirmed via Twitter his and Reham's decision to file for divorce. This is a painful time for me and Reham and our families. He requested every one to respect his privacy. Imran Khan is unfortunate in this matter that he did not see contended and happy family life. He is though successful in political life but unsuccessful from marriage life. He said he had great respect for Reham Khan's moral character and her passions for and to help unprivileged. Reham is in London and is expected to address a press conference there. At the time of their marriage, Mehr was 100,000 and Imran Khan denied reports of any financial settlement or to pay Reham Rs 80 million.

Will Support Israel Not Palestine In Case Of War---Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal

Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal has said he will side with Israel in case of another Palestinian uprising and will also condemn the acts set by his government. " I will side with the Jewish nation and its democratic aspiration in case of outbreak of Palestinian Intifada (Uprising) and I shall exert all my influence to break my ominous Arab initiatives set to condemn Tel Aviv, because I deem Arab-Israeli entente and future friendship necessary to impede the Iranian dangerous encroachments." Al Qabas cited the Saui media tycoon.The prince criticized the influence of Iran in Gulf States and urged his government to device a strategy that should refrain Iran from such acts and if necessary they should indulge into defence pact with Tel Aviv. "The whole Middle -East dispute is tantamount to matter of life and death for th Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for my vantage point. And I know the Iranian seek to unseat Saudi regime by playing Palestine card. Hence, to foil their plots Saudi Arabia and Israel Must bolster their relations and form united front to stymie Tehran' ambitious agenda. Prince on regional tour to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman to muster support for Saudi -backed rebels in Syria. While Al Waleed's office and he himself denied any such statement or interview to AWD News. Thy termed the article bogus and untrue.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Indian Director To Show Imran-BaNazir Affair in Next Film

Indian media's negative propaganda even did not spare late premier Banazir Bhutto and they are trying to show Pti Chairman Imran Khan's affair with her in new movie. Producer Rakesh Upadhaey has prepared a project on Imran Khan's life. He and director Ritesh Sinha are working on the same. Imran Khan's second wife Reham Khan ha also confirmed the news. The movie, reportedly will showcase unknown facts about Imran Khan and his long list of affairs. According to Indian TV Imran Khan has dated a lot of women in his life from Zeenat Aman to Jemima Goldsmith. The author of biography on Imran Khan's life, had claimed that Imran Khan and Banazir were romantically involved and had intimate relationship when they studied together in Oxford University. The author also claimed that Imran Khan was quite serious in his relationship with Banazit that he made her meet with his mother. However, their relationship ended and distance created when Banazir got involved in political activities and family pressure. The truth behind their secret relationship got revealed when Stanford interviewed Imran and his former wife Jemima for the book. However, Imran Khan later rubbished the matter.

Bollywood Actresses Who Say They Are Not Femenists

We have seen many Bollywood actresses address strong issues that women face in day-to-day lives, especially in countries like Pakistan and India. Feminism is not hatred for men, it simply the idea of equality- not just in opportunities, but also in freedoms and perceptions of society. These actresses believe in equality, but shun the word 'feminist' like it is something disgusting.
Here are such four actresses who ascribe to feminist values, but claim they are not feminists: **-- Priyanka Chopra:-
It was shocking to see Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra say she does not identify her as feminist. The former Miss World recently made her Bollywood debut with a strong female character in Quantico and has done some commendable roles such as that in Mary Kom.
However, talking about Quantico in an interview she said " I do not think it is feminist it is empowerment. **-- Katrina Kaif:- Katrina is known for standing up for her individuality and speaking out against people referring her as Ranbir Kapoor's girlfriend. However, even she said she is not feminist. People say " I am not open" but is being open only talking about your relationship?
**-- Perineeti Chopra:-
**-- Madhuri Dixit:-

See The Change In KPK Under PTI Government (Video)

"KPK Me Tabdeli Aa Gae"_ See What is Going on... by funshare4u

Pentagon Is Opening Child-Abuse Cases Against Afghan Security Forces

US defense officials were opening investigation into allegation about child sex abuse by Afghan security forces, whereas US personnel in the past deliberately overlooked it. It was reported that US troops in Afghanistan had been instructed by their superiors to overlook Afghan police or commanders sexually abusing teen age boys, even if it took place on military bases. The practice is known as "Bacha Bazi" which means 'boy play' in local language. The memo sent to the leaders across the US military asks information of the number of cases of child abuse alleged against Afghan government officials that were reported to US or coalition forces. A former US special force captain had beaten up an Afghan militia commander for keeping a boy chianed to his bed as sex slave. The afghan government in the past had crack down on the ancient and outlawed practice of child abuse, which is prevalent in the rural areas. This practice is common in Afghanistan as women are strictly kept in 'Burqa' and not seen roaming on the streets and markets and due to non availability of women child abuse is prevailing. Similarly, the areas of KPK adjescent to Afghanistan child abuse is commonly done as women are strictly bound to homes and only go out in hijab in which their finger can not be sen. The district of Bannu in KPK is notorious for this practice. Where it is said "Bacha Bazi" and "Bater Bazi" (Bater is pet bird called quail in English) is common. Banuchis (People of Bannu) have Quail in one hand and boy in other, but still they are very regular in prayers and discharging other Islamic duties.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Facts About Earthquakes You Need To Know

An earthquake of 8.1 magnitude has shaken all regions of Pakistan and several areas have been rattled severely. Here are some facts about earthquakes knowing which will leave you flabbergasted. **-- There Are 500,000 Earthquake A Year Across The Globe:-- Every year Southern California area alone faces 10,000 earthquakes, most of them are not felt by the people. These are detected by the sensitive instruments. Furthermore of all these earthquakes worldwide, only 100,000 can be felt and around 100 cause damage. It is pertinent to mention 1905 San Fransisco earthquake crumbled 500 blocks of the city. **-- In Antarctica There Are Ice Quakes Not Earthquakes:-- The continent experienced ice quakes that occurred within the ice rather than the land. The continent's ice cracked and exploded because of a major earthquake which happened in Maule, Chile and halfway around the world. Seismologists say that the earthquake on one side shake the other side. **-- Around 80 % Of Earthquakes Occur In "Pacific Ring Of Fire:-- This is geologically the most active region on earth. It circles the Pacific Ocean, touching the coasts of North and South America, Japan, Russia and China. This is the reason that majority of the Earth's major quakes occur here as major plate boundaries collide. **--

Dubai International Film Festival To Display Best Arabic Cinema

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIff) has unveiled the final eight films to complete the Muhr Short competition. The lineup displays the best of Arabic cinema. Palestinian director and former Muhr winner Nasi Hajjaj, presents his latest film "The Purple Field" which follows a young refugee who flees a war-torn Syria in search of a better life. A journey that take the young Palesinian-Syrian child through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungry and Austria. The film raises the awareness of current affairs and the effects of refugee crisis on all those who are affected.
Tunisian director Jamil Najjar's latest film |Stranded" is an adventure and mystery which portrays a day in the life of Arbi, a taxi driver whose sudden urge to go toilet throws him into the unexpected events. Jordanian director, producer, writer and literary critic, Yahya Al Abdullah is an acclaimed filmmaker whose talent awardd him Special Jury Best Actor and best Composer awards at Diff 2012. His latest feature film ' 5th Floor Room 52' is a silent but poignant take on troubles of a young woman searching for room no 52 to meet a construction worker.
Multiple award-winning short 'Ave Maria' directed by Basil Khalil will also appear at Diff following being in competition at Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and winner of Grenoble Short Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival. In keeping with the theme of addressing real-world problems through the medium of cinema, program also welcomes Saudi director Faiza Ambah and her short film 'Mariam'. Set in France in 2004, just as the country passed a law banning religious symbols in public schools. Mariam, born in France to Arab parents recently began to wear hijab after performing Hajj with her grandmother.
Previous Muhr winner Egyptian director Sharif El Bendary returns to Diff with 'Dry Hot Summer'

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

News And Views--- October 27,2015

**-- Two Hundred and forty one dead as massive earthquake hit Pakistan. Relief operations are underway. Quake also shook and cracked several historical buildings like Bala Hisar Fort in Peshawar. --- The affectees of 2005 quake have not been rehabilitated yet and another severe earth jolted the country. Again dishonest and corrupt people will swallow the relief goods and will not let them distribute to the deserving people. Dengue, quakes, floods, Taliban and all the other natural calamities are the result of our deeds.
**-- India is sent 15-year-old boy Ramzan to Pakistan. It seems it is in reply to Sending back Geeta to India by Pakistan. Ramzan was separated from his mother at the of 10. But India should also release prisoners held in different Indian jails.
**-- Six persons kidnapped 24-year-old woman from home when she was alone and after gang raping her threw in a deserted place, in Jaranwala, district Sargodha.
**-- Last Ten stranded families have been rescued from Naran Valley. The military troops with heavy machinery helped clear the road between Kaghan and Naran highway.--- With out the help of Pak army civil government is unable to rescue the flood victims, quake affectees andote calamit hit people. What are civil govenments for. Are they only to enjoy luxury foreign trips and digest the national money.
**-- It seems a fact that Maryam Nawaz, who accompanied his father prime minister Nawaz Shrif to the USA and had met with US first lady Michelle Obama in White House is being groomed as the next prime minister of Sarif's political dynasty.--- Why not Nawaz Sharif continue the tradition that has been followed by Z A Bhutto in the shape of Ba Nazir, Zardari gave the nation Bilawal Zardari, Fazal Rahman inherited Mufti Mahmood's political seat, because they are kings and their kids are crown prince or princes and Pakistan is their property.
**-- Indian cricketer Amit Mishra was arrested on Woman assault charges. Police commissioner says he will released soon as it was a ballable ofence.--- As this type of assaults are common and routine matter and when many others are doing so in India why the cricketers should remain behind. They are washing hands in flowing 'Ganges'.
**-- Sharmeen Obaid's "A girl in the river" has been shortlised for Oscar Award. The documentary follows the story ofa 18-year-old girl, a rare survivor of honour killing attempt. **-- a 15-year-old boy was arrested for British cyber attack that resulted in more than tenth of the value of Talk Talk wiped off the London Stock Exchange.

Horrible Earthquake Of 8.1 At Richter Scale In Islamabad (Video)

Exclusive Video of Today's Earthquake in Pakistan by zemtv

Singer Rita Ora Confessed She Was Abused At The Age Of 14

The 24-year-old singer Rita Ora claimed that she was groomed by a 26 year-old man when she was studying as a drama student at Sylvia Young Theater School in London. She said I do not want to say I suffered it, because I wanted it. I do not want to say that I was forced to do it. I do not want people to think I was abused as a kid, but I was definitely more mature than I should have been at 14. The 'Body On Me' hitmaker has admitted the attention I received from the man made me feel 'sexy' at the time. Rita -who opened up to Lifetime TV in 2013- explained "I can not begin to tell you how confident I felt when a man was interested in me, I felt like I had a form of respect, I felt like he listened to me. Now I know he listened to me because he wanted to have s'x with me. I felt good that men fancied me. The blonde beauty revelations have been dug up by author Douglas Wight for her autobiography "Hot Right Now". Hot Right Now named after Rita's first single, documents her journey from a refugee in war-torn Kosovo to a world renown pop star.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Oprah's New Show: Exploring The Beauty Of Islam

In a world filled with religious and cultural bigotry, Oprah Winfrey aims to promote tolerance and harmony with her new TV series Belief, that explores various religious beliefs and practices. According to Oprah, the show invites viewers to witness some of the world's most fascinating spiritual journeys through the eyes of the believers and explores humankind's ongoing search to something greater than ourselves.
Introduction to Sufism | Belief | Oprah Winfrey... by etribune In order to broadcast these practices, Oprah has filmed places and cultures far and wide, including the Holy city of Makkah where Muslims go for Hajj every year. In addition to that Belief also shed light on Sufi tradition within Islam and how it is still held in great reverence by those seeking greater spiritual connection. An introduction to major religions is given by Varun Soni Dean of Religious life at the University of Southern California. While introducing Islam, he clarifies the misconceptions about the religion including those about jihad. He stresses on the fact that Jihad is an internal struggle that every one faces, regardless of their religious beliefs. He shuns the idea of Islam promoting war. And this is perhaps the most important part of the series considering the current context of Islamic militancy in the world. . Many viewers have already reacted positively to the show's broadcast of Islamic beliefs and practices, and took to Twitter to express their views. Hopefully, this series will continue to help clarify the misconceptions and reduce ongoing Islamophobia in the world.

Israeli Prime Minister's Astonishing Views About Hitler And America

The incumbant prime minister of Israel Benjamin Natanyahu is widely known for his blatant statements, but he has recently expressed certain views that seem quite astonishing. **--He Somewhat Vindicated For Killing Of Jews:- Israeli prime minister claimed that it was Mufti of Jerusalem who convinced Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews. Natayahu said Hitler did not want to exterminate the Jews but wanted to expel them. It is pertinent to mention here that historians have denounced this claim and analysts say that Netanyahu claimed so only to taint the cause of Palestinians. **-- So Confident About Manipulating America:-- Natanyahu once boasted about manipulating US policy. He gave his remarks," I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They would not get in their way." **-- He Undermined The Peace Process In 1990s:- He claimed to have undermined the peace process which underwent in Oslo in 1990s. He say," But how do you limit the withdrawals? I interpret the Oslo accords in such a way that will enable me to stop this rush toward 67 border ( The Internationally recognized Green Line)". **-- Urged European Jews To Come To Israel:-- In a response to deadly shooting at Copenhagen synagogue, the Jewish house of prayers, in February 2015. He strongly urged the Jews of Europe to migrate to Israel. This was criticized by the European Jewish Association as an acceptable call. He did the same after similar remarks made by the PM after Paris attacks in January. **-- There Will Be No Palestinian State Until He Is PM:-- In a address to a rally consisting of 20,000 individuals at Tel Aviv he said," We would not divide Jerusalem, we would not make concessions, we would not withdraw from land." When asked, "If you are a prime minister, there will be no Palestinian state,?" He responded, "Indeed". **-- Warning To Jewish Public:-- In March he warned the Jewish- Israeli public, "Arab voters coming out in droves to the polls" He called the Palestinian population as "Demographic problem".

Sunday, October 25, 2015

PML (N) Minister Beaten In Lahore (Video)

people beating PML-N minister in lahore when he... by funtoosh99

Internet Hunt To Find Someone

You know the popular myth that we all have a twin out there somewhere? Well, a woman went to great lengths to find her doppelganger double. Irish TV presenter Niamh Geaney launched a 28-day challenge called Twin Strangers to find her closest living lookalike. She was amazed when she discovered the woman who is her spitting image living just one hour away. Niamh,26, found Karen Barinigan in April 2015, when her social media compaign went viral. The pair met and had a photoshoot together. Needless to say they were shockingly similar. While documenting her experience online, Niamh said she was 'rediculously nervous' about meeting the complete stranger who just looked alike, but she found the whole adventure amazing. Niamh's identical lookalike journey did not end there. During the project she met another woman, who looked more like her than the first one, living in Italy. Niamh said finding two women who shared almost identical looks was 'absolutely crazy'. A couple of months later, the blue-eyed brunette traveled to Geneva to meet a second twin stranger, Luisa. After massive public enthusiasm for the project, Geaney has since launched ''. The site allows people to upload photos and describe their features and match them to those of others. Geaney says matches have been made between the people in Russia and Italy, Holland and USA, Mexico and Brazil among other places.
**-- In 2014, a love-struck Irish man was reunited with woman he fell in love with on a Ryanair flight after putting out an online appeal. Jamie Kelly's friends launched the #loveatfiestflight compaign on Twitter after he fell for a pretty Canadian woman named Katie. The couple sat together on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin. They hit it off but got separated when they went through custom. The smitten 24,year-old from Ballinasloe, County Galway turned to social media to find his mystery woman and unwittingly became a star in his native Canada where he made the evening news. Katie's sister spotted the story on CBC News and guessed that this was her sister he had fallen for on the Ryanair flight. The couple was finally reunited on the Ray D'Archy Show.

Saudi Man Divorced Wife Fearing Of Her Eyes

Saudi man divorced his wife just two days after marriage as a series of bad incidents during their honeymoon persuaded him she is "jinxed". The groom and his bride had just gone into an apartment in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah for their honeymoon when the curtain fell down. After they went out and ordered dinner at a local restaurant, the waiter serving them fell down as she wondered how he walked. When they returned to their apartment, the bride went to the mirror, held a perfume bottle and told her husband it was lovely. As she uttered these words the bottle fell down and broke into pieces. This incident was the last straw in the couple's relationship as he was persuaded she had harmful eyes. He decided to divorce her immediately. The man took his bride to her home in the nearby town of Taif next day and told her parents he had divorced her. He told them he was giving up the dowry and all the wedding gifts. He did not want to anger the bride as he thought she could hurt him with her eyes.

Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Are Dating Again

Vice captian Virat Kohli took it to celebrate fourth ODI's century with his girlfriend Anushka Sharma ahead of series decider match against South Africa in the final ODI game of the match on Sunday (today). Virat Kohli was caught by cameras when he stepped out of a Chinese restaurant with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Virat Kohli was seen carrying some gifts from Bollywood actress in his hand while he walked away with his girlfriend after lunch date.
Kohli was wearing black T-shirt and blue jeans while Anushka was found wearing while top with tattered blue jeans.