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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pentagon Is Opening Child-Abuse Cases Against Afghan Security Forces

US defense officials were opening investigation into allegation about child sex abuse by Afghan security forces, whereas US personnel in the past deliberately overlooked it. It was reported that US troops in Afghanistan had been instructed by their superiors to overlook Afghan police or commanders sexually abusing teen age boys, even if it took place on military bases. The practice is known as "Bacha Bazi" which means 'boy play' in local language. The memo sent to the leaders across the US military asks information of the number of cases of child abuse alleged against Afghan government officials that were reported to US or coalition forces. A former US special force captain had beaten up an Afghan militia commander for keeping a boy chianed to his bed as sex slave. The afghan government in the past had crack down on the ancient and outlawed practice of child abuse, which is prevalent in the rural areas. This practice is common in Afghanistan as women are strictly kept in 'Burqa' and not seen roaming on the streets and markets and due to non availability of women child abuse is prevailing. Similarly, the areas of KPK adjescent to Afghanistan child abuse is commonly done as women are strictly bound to homes and only go out in hijab in which their finger can not be sen. The district of Bannu in KPK is notorious for this practice. Where it is said "Bacha Bazi" and "Bater Bazi" (Bater is pet bird called quail in English) is common. Banuchis (People of Bannu) have Quail in one hand and boy in other, but still they are very regular in prayers and discharging other Islamic duties.

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